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Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC) is a step ahead in the emerging concept of coworking. When it comes to an awarding coworking space, Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC) is doing wonders. All thanks to a diverse range of the services which it renders in the name of a coworking space in Melbourne. A coworking space can be quoted as the best of both worlds for the ones who have a motto of carving a niche for themselves in the field of entrepreneurship as well as the freelancers who are in the lane of pursuing their passionate dreams.

The world of business comes with its own set of authorities, responsibilities as well as needs and a materialistic world like today’s where the concept of coworking is commendably emerging as a global phenomenon, the existence of coworking spaces in Melbourne like Melbourne Innovation Centre is a boon for a huge chunk of entrepreneurial firms out there. Popping up in many cities as well as countries, coworking spaces are the new big thing which many entrepreneurs look up to in pretext of having long-term business associations, constant use of the innovatively dropped ideas and objectives.

Insights into Melbourne Innovation Centre

Before giving you an idea about what the Melbourne Innovation Centre is all about, here are some of the insights that will help you get a fair idea about what you’ll find at this amazing coworking space once you step into it.  

  • They aim at bringing about the strategic partnerships so as to help the firm grow in terms of value in the long run. Also, this space in Melbourne, Australia is known to create and thus provide a flexible work environment which is a key essential in attracting the highly potential clients which in turn is a great reward for any firm.
  • Broadly, Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC) is known to extend its support for the startups that are connected with it in the form of 3 M’s of the delivery methods. These are motivating, mentoring as well as monitoring.
  • The full-timers, part-timers as well as the freelancers who are associated with Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC) gradually become the first-hand witnesses of the best in class and quality of the acceleration programs as well as incubation.
  • The business incubation programmes offered by the Melbourne Innovation Centre are in hand helping under various heads namely in the generation of employment opportunities, the commercialisation of the new and trending technologies along with the development of the local economies to help them expand their degree and scale of operations.

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Locations & Contact

Melbourne Innovation Centre

ALPHINGTON = Only incubation Services at 2 Wingrove Street, Alphington, VIC

NORTHCOTE = Business incubator for Digital Arts & Coworking Space at 43 James Street, Northcote, VIC.

GREENSBOROUGH = General Business Incubator & Coworking Space at 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough, VIC.

Web =

Reach them at = +61 3 9499 9100.

Coworking at Melbourne Innovation Centre

If isolation is not your thing and you lack motivation and creativity while working, shifting your office space into a coworking space in Melbourne will turn out to one of the most thriving decision you’ll ever make for your prospective enterprise.

In simple words, the Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC) can be called as that strong foundation base which would help any kind of entrepreneur, whether belonging to a startup or any freelancer, stand and stay strong. Known to offer the quantum of functionality, differentiation, professionalism as well as flexibility which one will hardly find in a typical office space. The Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC) is an ecosystem that is equipped with everything that it takes to make your business a successfully running venture. 

Placed at different locations, the Melbourne Innovation Centre offers all the startups an opportunity in the form of a viable chance for their scaling team members. Based on your varied needs, you can choose between the different locations that are available for the Melbourne Innovation Centre.


Famous with the name of ‘The Station’, the coworking space in Northcore is a small yet very determined area which is ideal for a small group of individuals who like to work together. A place where peace and concentration go hand in hand and you can indulge in getting short breaks in the form of short and refreshing walks along with the availability of the lip-smacking cafes and restaurants which this high-end street in the name of a coworking space in Melbourne gives.

A business incubator which is based on the idea of digital arts, Melbourne Innovation Centre  Northcote location Australia, functions on the path for creating the assistance for the kinds of businesses that are new to the field of digital arts so as to help them in the initial growing phase which turns out to be more critical than it seems.

Price: For all the full-timers interested to fix a place for themselves in this location, the monthly price for coworking which is inclusive of GST sums up to $300 whereas the same for the part-timers costs an amount of $210 for this coworking space in Melbourne.


Melbourne Innovation Centre Greensborough is known to be the first ever combination of a business incubator as well as an accelerator that is collocated with a Tech School. You’ll be more than surprised to know the jaw-dropping possibilities that one can undergo here. Amenities like meeting rooms, car parking, shared kitchens as well as breakout spaces, there’s a lot in the name of growth, success rate as well as meeting people with a global mindset and more that you can unveil at MIC Greensborough. Whereas, the availability of these amenities differs for the full-timers as well as the part-timers.

Price: For the part-timers, the monthly cost including GST is $170 and the same for the full-timers is $270.

Business Incubator

The Business Incubation Program is one of its kind of program that is offered by the Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC). Often getting its monetary help from various institutions, the business incubator program is known to help the associated startups create their own line of business and thus providing the young and thriving ones with the kind of the support they require both in the financial as well as the technical terms and services.

At the Melbourne Innovation Centre (MIC), the associated entrepreneurs are provided full assistance in the development of their business. From the very basic step of setting up an office or a warehouse space upon the requirement, to constant mentoring for the business line to forever witness a front seat in the evolving competition and taste, from the provision of the popular training events to extending the chance to be a part of a community of experts, Melbourne Innovation Centre puts forward a business incubation program in Alphington in Melbourne aims to help various kinds of small business at the different stages of their growth journey.

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