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Jam Jar Cowork is a trendy coworking space in Collingwood. It a great place to get quality work done while networking with other coworkers. Many businesses get overlooked because of the dominance of a few big names. However, this creative space embraces newbies. They will help you realize your goals and achieve them. It’s a collaborative community of creative people who help each other grow. If you want to get away from the tedious environment of the corporate world, then Jam Jar can be your escape. Here, the flexible working environment will help you attain your work goals. Not to mention it is artsy and chic!

Jam Jar cowork has a long list of amenities that will leave you awestruck. From high-speed internet to shower facilities, you will be given a lot of benefits. You can also participate in various fun events and workshops or even organise your own. The beautiful interiors will boost your creativity. You can impress your clients and hold meetings in a professional environment. Fully equipped boardrooms and meeting rooms are available as well. This place has everything you need to find your way to success. To get more information about the place, keep reading!

Amenities at Jam Jar Cowork

Amenities offered by Jam Jar will take your work experience to another level. These amenities will aid you in your work. You will also notice an increment in the productivity levels once you avail the facilities. Some of the amenities provided by this workspace include:

  • Internet Facilities: The place has high-speed wifi installed. You will not face any hindrance due to a poor connection.
  • Private Spaces: Need some alone time? Jam Jar cowork has got you covered. The place has private work pods in case you feel like working in solitude. Also, there are phone booths as well. So, make those important calls without any disturbance.
  • Shower Facilities: Want to freshen up? Take a quick shower and refresh your mind. Long working hours can leave you tired. All you require is a shower. Well, you can fulfil that wish here.
  • Kitchen Facilities: The workspace has a kitchen which is equipped with an oven, microwave, fridge and other equipment. Snack breaks are important for a productive outcome.
  • Roof Terrace Garden: Jam Jar cowork has a terrace garden on its rooftop. The lush green surroundings will relieve you of all the stress. Especially after spending a good amount of time on your computer. Mezzanine lounge: This is a comfortable space to sit and relax.
  • Caffeine Fix: For all the coffee lovers, there is a coffee machine installed in Jam Jar. Enjoy a cup of coffee during work.

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Jam Jar Cowork Membership Plans

Jam Jar provides you with flexible membership plans. They will suit your working style. There are plenty of options to choose from. You can opt for monthly memberships, daily rates or even pay by the hour. So, sit back and go through the plans mentioned below.

Dedicated Desks: Dedicated desks are solely meant for your use. There will be a fixed spot and only you will have access to it. If you prefer working in a personal space and require storage facilities, then this plan is all you need. The cost of availing this option is $600 per month. There are a lot of benefits of availing this plan like meeting room credits and 24/7 access. Plus the spot is accessible five days a week.

Hot Desks: Hot desks give you a spot to work but they are not fixed. Meaning, you can change your seating every day based on the availability. If you despise monotony and want to work in a different surrounding each time you come to work, then this is your option. Jam Jar cowork has a variety of hot desking option for you.

  • Part Time – 3 Day Coworker: Under this plan, you get access to hot desks for three days a week. You can use the space from 8 am to 6 pm. Also, the meeting rooms can also be used in case you need it. Hot desks are available at a cost of $400 per month.
  • Part Time- 2 Day Coworker: A more flexible option for those who need the space for even lesser time. Drop in for just two days a week by paying a fee of $300 per month. Choose the desk of your liking and work on those assignments.
  • Casual Coworking Member: This plan gives you access to Jam Jar’s exclusive hot desks for four days in a month. Pay an amount of $150 per month and visit your workplace on any four days in that month. Also, there is a $40 additional charge if you require the space for an extra day.
  • Casual Coworking Non-member: In case you are new to the concept of coworking and want to try it before becoming a member. yes, this is possible at this coworking space.  All you have to do is pay for the day you use the space. The price is $45 per day. It includes access to hot desks from 8 am to 6 pm( only if you book in advance).

Mason Boardroom Hire: Jam Jar cowork has a well-equipped boardroom with a capacity of 10 to 14 people. You can organise your meetings and presentations here. Discuss the plans with your team or clients in this well-lit room and experience the difference. The boardroom can be availed at a cost of $85 per hour. Also, the room can be booked for half a day at the cost of $255 and a full day for $425.

Fowler Room Hire: Jam Jar has a professional meeting room at the ground level. The place can accommodate about 4-6 people. Hire the room for $65 per hour or $190 for half a day or $325 for a full day.

Weck or Kilner Room: These are special rooms designed for offsite meetings and interviews. It can accommodate about 2-3 people Both the rooms are available on the following same rates: $45 per hour, $135 for half day and $225 for a full day.

Meeting Room Services: The meeting room hire gives you additional benefits like access to breakout areas, roof terrace, mezzanine lounge and wifi. Apart from this, you can even get a TV for presentations, whiteboard, pens etc at an additional price. Jam Jar cowork caters to all your needs.

Location and Contact

Jam Jar Cowork Melbourne

Jam Jar is located on 21 Budd Street, Collingwood, a suburb in Melbourne. It is an industrial area housing many leading companies. The place is just 3 kilometres from Melbourne’s central business district. The building has parking facilities so you do not have to worry about your vehicle.

To know more, ring them on 0407 509 104 or visit their website http://jamjar.net.au/ Apart from this, they’ll soon be opening at a new location in Paynesville.

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Jam Jar cowork is sure to appeal to anyone looking for an office upgrade. The place has designed extensive membership plans so that you can choose the most suitable option. Boardrooms and meeting rooms are available for all your important conferences. The collaborative environment will help you network with the best minds. All this is available at a single place.

You will get additional amenities to lessen the burden of your work. Jam Jar Melbourne has great breakout areas meant for relaxation. So that you don’t feel trapped by your workload. Check out this space and book your spot today. Don’t miss the chance to work in an extremely productive ambience.

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