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Inspire9, a name that resonates community, proactive coworking is a stepping stone to build purpose in your life. As per a saying in Africa, “It takes a village to raise a child” and all it takes is a healthy companionship and community to build your business. Here, it is not about becoming a unicorn startup or even achieving insurmountable success, but it is about creating a purpose for your life, a legacy to live for. Any coworking space can only dream to fulfill such strong and passionate needs but at Inspire9 Richmond, it all seems a reality.

The sole meaning of a community is to give you a chance to become who you want to be and the community in this becomes an enabler. At Inspire you will come across such a community which rests of the shoulders of proficient amenities and digital literacy that makes everything achievable. This space is also considered as the original coworking space for creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs and especially those who are trying to achieve something bigger than money.

For Inspire9 Melbourne the motivation to keep on going comes from the responsibility and the connections they help make among the people. Sometimes, the deals have been set over a Table Tennis duo or on Friday nights over a cold beer. Even your birthday can become a reason to interact with potential clients because here, the whole floor celebrates your special day with you.

Amenities at Inspire9

Let’s talk about all the facilities and goodies that you will get if you are a member at Inspire9:

  • Monday to Friday there are workspace tours to give you an idea of the whole community and what you are missing.
  • The first day after the tour is free and you may choose to stay and try settling in.
  • The interiors are white and the walls portray the architecture of the early 20th century.
  • There is a pool table, and table tennis available so that you can take on an opponent in a quick game.
  • Desk options also include standing desks placed all around the space.
  • Time for a private call? Hop in the phone pod and never share your secret.
  • You can bring your bike all the way up to the workspace and park it in the dedicated bay area.
  • The multipurpose meeting rooms are equipped with AV facilities that will enhance your presentations and meeting experience.
  • The in-house kitchen has various appliances like a juice maker, microwave and others.
  • The Richmond train station is just a stone’s throw away from the entrance.
  • Despite residing on the first floor, this space has wheelchair access.
  • There is an awesome chill out area to relax and step away from the work a bit.
  • You can also bring your dog to work, just imagine, two most loved things in your life are with you in the same place.
  • Blazing fast internet will never let you wait for the video to buffer or a website to open.





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Inspire9 Membership Plans

Inspire9 provides only coworking desks under two models, part-time and dedicated desk. There are no office spaces to choose from plus they also run a slew of regular events and programs which span from diverse but important niches.

Part Time Desk: 

Casual: this plan is for those who are still searching for a perfect coworking space in Melbourne and are dabbling with various options. The per day desk rate at Inspire9 is $40 and the weekly charges are $165. You will be able to use the communal areas from 9 am to 6 pm plus Wi-fi is included in the plan and the phone pods are also available to use.

Part-Time Desk: Along with the cookies that come in the casual plan you will be able to use any desk for 3 days a week between the work hours. The desk system works on first come first serve basis, you can even hire the event space at standard rates. Plus the meeting room access hours depend on a fair usage policy.

Dedicated Desk:

Just like you go to a normal office and sit in your marked seat, this plan is the same but with the added benefits of Inspire9 community and a convivial atmosphere.

Full Time: for more serious members who have chosen this space as their partner in success, this plan will proffer you one fixed desk on the floor. This plan includes meeting room access and to hire the event space you only need to pay the resident member rates. This plan will also give you access to space for 5 days a week during the office hours only.

24/7 Residency: this plan is the real deal, 24*7 access to your desk, a dedicated desk, meeting room access, phone pods, internet, event space access. Each and everything Inspire9 has to offer comes with this plan. If that’s not all, think of the benefit of working with like-minded individuals who also work under the same membership. Hence, this plan is the one for you if you are obstinate (at least 3 months membership) in your efforts and are not here for a sojourn.

*Unfortunately, Inspire9 has not shared the prices and rate for all membership plans but one. You have to fill out a form on the website or call them on the phone number provided above to know the prices.


Inspire9 Coworking at Richmond, Melbourne

What earlier housed the Australian Knitting Mill and making uniforms strand by strand, today Inspire9 has built a community over there, person by person. When knitted together you will have a splendid artwork of people who, like you, are here to evolve. Presently residing in the Heritage building of Richmond, they shifted to Richmond in 2011 and are set on the 1st level of this building.

Address: Level 1, 41 Stewart Street, Richmond, Melbourne.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +61 (0) 411 072 029

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I think that Inspire9 is not just a coworking space, it much more than that. I have come across a plethora of coworking spaces and none of them have a plan which also includes the members in their management. Yes, with Inspire9 you have to be a part of the management in handling certain responsibilities like introducing new members to the community. You have to attend and conduct onboarding sessions for the new members.

It is not just about coming to work and going back home, if you are a full-time member at Inspire9 then you also have to absorb their values. And infect others with your passion to work and build something better with engagement and interaction. Connect with as many members as you can, make your work your next pit stop for success and to gain a purpose in your life.

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