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Higher Spaces is a boutique coworking space designed and created for people to get connected. With spacious interiors, adorned with natural light and refreshing outside view, they have sufficient room for creativity and collaborations. What sets them apart is that each desk at their space is a dedicated one. Because they stress on providing access to a dedicated desk for all coworking members. In short, it’s a stylish and comfy environment that nurtures productivity and collaborations.

The crux of Higher Spaces is to encourage growth through shared ideas and collaborations. Plus they are highly flexible when it comes to accommodating members needs. So you need a work station, for yourself or your team, or even a space for an event or workshop. Just let them know of your needs and a tailor-made package will be at your anvil. Moreover, the panoramic view of the Yarra river is powerful enough to fuel anyone and everyone’s motivation level.

Benefits of being a part of Higher Spaces:

Go through the following benefits of being a part of this awesome coworking community.

  • Business Training: A great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and startups to move ahead. Each member gets to share and learn from the founders, in a one to one hourly session each month. And these sessions aren’t just concerned with strategizing business, but also personality development and perhaps much more.
  • Networking Opportunities: At this coworking space, you will get plenty of opportunities to meet people. Thus, the onus on you is to turn these connections into partners or employees for your expansion goals.
  • Flexible Packages: The membership packages are highly scalable to match with your business needs. So need a smaller space or bigger, you will get what you need and you’ll pay for what you use.
  • Lockable Storage: No need of carrying any weight back home every day. You can keep your valuables safely in a large locker space. They have total 16 lockers.
  • Ergonomic Furniture: Higher Spaces offer spacious desks to all members. These single occupant desks are big enough for two. Thus, you will have enough space for yourself and your stuff. Besides, all members are provided with dedicated desks. The chairs are also ergonomically designed to bring out the best of our productivity.
  • Reception: A reception desk is available here to meet and greet your clients.
  • Kitchenette: A fully stocked kitchen for all your work break needs.
  • Meeting Rooms: Fully furnished and equipped with the latest tech and specs. These rooms are available for hire on an hourly basis.
  • Free Tea and Coffee: For keeping your energy level pumped up, there is free tea and coffee available throughout the day.
  • End of Trip Facilities: Riding bike or walking to the office could leave you sweaty. But no problem. Take a shower and refresh for an energetic day.
  • Free Onsite Parking: Members get the perk of using free onsite parking space for their cars and bikes.

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Higher Spaces Melbourne Membership Prices

Higher Spaces offers multiple membership options to access its facilities. From casual day passes to full month access, you may choose what fits in your requirements. Please note that they do not offer hot desking, as they prefer the dedicated desk culture in a shared space. But, their plans are high on flexibility, and they won’t bind you into any lockin contract. And if you need a change in plan or cancel one, just inform. No conditions or restrictions. For more information on membership pricing, keep reading.

Daily Desk

New to coworking? Get a taste of it using a single day pass at Higher Spaces. In fact, it’s a savior for many professionals who looking for a workspace on an urgent basis. The day passes available here come at two prices due to the different desks they offer. A standard work desk is available for $45 per day. While an adjustable desk or sit and stand-up desks are hireable for $55 per day.

Weekly (7-day pass)

In Melbourne for a week? Or work at home professional? Don’t let your work suffer. Because you can secure a 7-day pass to the shared area at just $178 per week. This will get you a permanent desk in the shared area for 7 days, starting from any day, from Monday to Friday.


This membership at Higher Spaces Melbourne is suitable for entrepreneurs and freelancers who need the flexibility to access the shared area. Or if you are new to the coworking culture and wish to give it a try. This 3 day per week membership can be secured for $380 per month. So a simple monthly payment and you get a dedicated desk for any 3 days, every week of the month.


Need more regular access to coworking? A full month membership can be secured at the payment of $660 per month. And you can use your reserved desk for the entire month. This is a great save especially for startups and smaller firms that can’t afford overpriced leased private offices. This plan takes care of both your business and budget.

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Other Spaces at Higher Spaces:

Meeting Rooms:

Higher Spaces has three different meeting rooms that are fully furnished yet customizable to fit in our needs. Thus, these are suitable to handle anything from group meetings, workshops to even training sessions.

  • Meeting Room 1: This room is fitted with two wall-mounted TVs and one portable one. The portable TV is Chromecast equipped. Thus your multi-screen presentations will be taken care of. The seated arrangement accommodates 8 to 12 people and a lot more for a standing event. This room can be booked for $82 per hour (price inclusive of GST).
  • Meeting Room 2: This room at Melbourne’s Higher Spaces coworking is priced at $82 per hour (price inclusive of GST) and has the same capacity at Meeting Room 1. But it houses a huge whiteboard, that will be the best fit for AV projections or business planning.
  • Meeting Room 3: A smaller room with space for 6 when seated. This room has a Chromecast enabled TV and an amazing view of the Yarra river. And, you may hire this room for $72 per hour (inc GST).


Higher Spaces encourages the creative side of people. For this, they offer studio space and rates to encourage such talents. They have two Studios, accessible after 6 pm and on weekends. Also, these Studios have rolling mirrors and wireless speakers that can stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device.

  • Small Studio: Priced at $25 per hour (Inc GST), has space for 8 to 10 people dancing.
  • Large Studio: This studio has room for 11 to 15 people dancing. And you may hire it for $35 per hour (Inc GST).

Location and Contact

Higher Spaces Coworking Melbourne

Located at 14/663 Victoria Street, Higher Spaces is in a historical building originally built back in the 1860s. Also, this Abbotsford location gets the luxury of being beside the picturesque Yarra River. The building has high ceilings and exposed brick walls. Moreover, you can be in constant touch with nature, be it sunlit interiors or the green Yarra walkway. Coming to the commuting needs, Trams are accessible right outside and catching a bus needs a 10-minute walk. The central location also has the benefit of having the Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre in proximity.

For any queries, please contact them at 03 9005 6738 or send a mail to [email protected]

Website: https://www.higherspaces.com.au/


Higher Spaces is a unique space housed close to nature. The beautiful Yarra precincts and greenery around is a welcoming site every morning to work. And like that was not enough, this space gets ample sunshine throughout the day. Plus, the wooden ceiling and plants keep up the oxygen supply. Thus, this people-centric coworking space is a great location to work from. And, you must make the most of the opportunity-rich ecosystem by being a part of this community.

The business coaching provided by the Higher Spaces is another great reason to be here. It will assure that your business will grow to its full potential. Did I mention, they have an amazingly responsive team that will make you feel at home. So what are you waiting for?

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