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Depo8 is prominently counted among the top coworking destinations in Melbourne. And why not? Besides the elegance and comfort of the coworking facilities, the flexibility it offers has no match in the city. Depo8 is adored for its pleasant outlook and friendly crowd. Moreover, all this will come at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. That’s because a $5 bill is enough to get you one hour access to the facilities. Therefore you are safe from overheads, lock-in contracts, and exorbitant payments. Who would like to miss out on such a wonderful space? Would you?

The founders, Jodie and Erz definitely deserve an appreciation for the wonder they have created in Depo8. The place is an 800 sqm refurbished warehouse, located in the middle of a fashionable business suburb of Melbourne. The green plants scattered here and there, add freshness to the air. The interiors are flooded with natural light all day and have an artistic touch. Not to mention, a large colorful Mural (gifted by one of its members), that enhances the beauty of the site. In case you need any help, Jodie and Erz are the most hospitable and friendly hosts.

Perks Offered at Depo8:

The coworking facilities are designed to render the same comforts as that of a home. The creators have taken special care to make you feel warm and welcomed. All the amenities like privacy, kitchen, meeting rooms etc provide a great homely experience. Go through the perks and amenities you’ll find at this coworking space.

  • Quiet Room

The Depo8 has two quiet rooms, furnished with a long table and seats for two in each room. You may use these for taking recruitment interviews, or business and private calls, etc. Or anything else that requires silence and privacy.

  • Chill/Breakout Areas

Hectic day at work? Take a little chill pill! Head towards the comfortable lounge is for a quick nap or a little chitchat. Or go to the dining room and boost your energy levels with a hot cup of coffee. A quick disclaimer! If you find it hard to get back to your workstation, don’t blame them.

  • Kitchenette

Cook, heat or store your meals at this fully accessorized kitchen at Depo8. Or vying for a hand made coffee or a quick snack, go pick the pan and ingredients and make way for the chef in you.

  • Networking Events

Depo8 understands the social aspects of business growth. For this, it organizes regular events for its members to know and grow with each other. These events are not just onsite but also in nearby pubs and restaurants.

  • Meeting And Boardrooms:

Depo8 has three Meeting rooms, designed for you to get the best shot at building connections. These can be hired for everything ranging from team meetups and business presentations to even workshops or technical classes. Besides, you may also ask for foods and drinks to be served in the rooms. Two of the boardrooms i.e. Boardroom 8 and 10,  are fitted with 50” LCD and a whiteboard. While the Boardroom 6 has only a whiteboard, desks and seating. These boardrooms are also available for exclusive hiring.

  • Other Amenities:
  1. High-speed internet and wifi service for a seamless workflow.
  2. 24/7 access to private office spaces and hired Meeting Rooms. While the shared coworking area is accessible only during business hours.
  3. Returning from a trip or a ride down the street? They have a fabulous end of trip facilities including Showers and bike storage.
  4. Comfortable Lounge and Dining areas, for relaxing and refreshing your mind.
  5. Locker Storage spaces are available for the safekeeping of your essentials, be it docs or gadgets.
  6. Parking spaces are available in and around the building.
  7. Depo8 also have an application called ‘Nesk’ for billing hot desk members as per usage. So no paying extra.

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Depo8 Membership Plans:

Depo8 is known for being one of the most flexible coworking spaces when it comes to terms and pricing. Members are delivered with simple all-inclusive monthly invoices for payments. While they pay for only what they use. They don’t bind members into any kind of lock-in agreements.

Hourly Desk Hire

For those who are new to the coworking culture, Hot desks are temporary desks placed in a shared area. Once a member, you can just get the stuff you need for work, find yourself a vacant desk, log in to high-speed internet, and start off. Likewise, every next day might get you a new desk, next to a new coworker.

But Hot-desking at Depo8 is at an entirely different level of flexibility. Know why? Because you need to spend only AUD 5 per hour to get yourself a hot desk. But the usage is capped at $30 per day. All you will have to do is download the app on your mobile. The app will carry out your billing, and you’ll pay only for what you use. The full-time Hot desk membership is available at the price of AUD 500 per month, per desk.

Full-Time Dedicated Desk at Depo8

If you don’t want to hunt down a vacant desk in the shared area, on each visit, get a dedicated desk. Dedicated desk members are also housed in a shared coworking area, but their desk is permanently reserved. The desks at Depo8 also have drawers to keep the important clutter away from the desk. You will also be able to access the facility 24 hours, all week.

So save yourself of expensive office space and work from an impressive space you can call your own. The dedicated desks come at the starting price of $99 per week (inc GST). The desks at different locations in the Depo8 premises will cost different due to the advantages attached. For instance, a desk right beside the window will get you a nice view of the street, while will be quieter than a desk in the interior and thus might cost higher than the rest.

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Prices for Meeting Rooms:

Depo8 has 3 Boardrooms at the Prahran facility. The prices stated below are for business hour access and include tea/coffee and wifi access. For after hour or weekend access prices, please contact them.

Boardroom 6: This Boardroom is filled with natural light and a whiteboard on one of its walls. This 2.5m by 5m room is suitable for teams of up to 6 members. You can book this room for:

  • $55 (inc GST), for up to 4 hours i.e. half day usage.
  • $110 (inc GST), for up to 8 hours i.e. full day usage.

Boardroom 8: This 4m by 4m room is furnished with an oval table and chairs. Suitable for 8 member teams, this room can be hired for,

  • $75 (inc GST), for up to 4 hours i.e. half day usage.
  • $150 (inc GST), for up to 8 hours i.e. full day usage.

Boardroom 10: This 5m by 6m room is furnished with a huge rectangular table in the middle. It seats up to 10 people.

  • $99 (inc GST), for up to 4 hours i.e. half day usage.
  • $198 (inc GST), for up to 8 hours i.e. full day usage.

Location and Contact

Depo8 Coworking Melbourne

Depo8 is located in one of the best locations in Prahran, a Melbourne suburb. It is spread across two levels of 39-41 Mount Street. The building is also close to the shopping and entertainment hub laden Chapel Street. So you get plenty of dining and eating out options. The Melbourne CBD is 6 km from the location, while it has quick access to King Street and High Street. The Prahran Railway Station is just 0.8 km away. And if you march 100m towards the High Street or the Chapel Street, you may catch a Tram.

For any help or queries about Depo8, feel free to call Jodie at 0412 218 218 or send an email at [email protected].

Address: Level1/39-41 Mount Street, Prahran, VIC, 3181.



Founded in 2012, Depo8 is one of the first coworking spaces in Australia. Its a phenomenal place with an even better community. It has been specially crafted to suit entrepreneurs and small startups. But lately, even bigger firms took to the trend of coworking and joined as members. The clean and uncluttered interiors promote a clearer thinking process.

The prime focus behind Depo8 lies in creating an ecosystem filled with possibilities for Australian startups. A place where they get all they need to thrive. Likewise, it has stimulated the growth of many of its member startups. At a location like this, even a casual hello can get you a new client, a partner or an employee. What do you want for your business? Come and get it here at the Mount Street address.

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