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Need a coworking space that is productive, exciting and welcoming? Creative Cubes is a space that exhibits creativity at its best. Their flexible workspace options, close-knit community, and courteous staff are an excellent recipe for business growth. Besides, their charming decor makes for an excellent garnish. In fact, Tobi and team are there to spoil you with consistent care and support, throughout your stay. Plus, it also offers a plenitude of growth services (under the AccelerateX), that entails all that’s needed to accelerate your brand. I warn you – It will be hard to find a space that’s more pleasant and engaging than this!

The Creative Cubes has two office locations in the Melbourne CBD. Both are perfectly placed at locations that are easy to reach and great to work from. These beautifully architectured locations are home to many inspiring professionals and startups. The clean interiors, adorned with contemporary furniture, drive the need to achieve. The team here call themselves as the ‘Happiness Team’ and there are no qualms about it. They are truly there to keep you and your business in the pink of health. Lets read a little more about the space.

Creative Cubes Melbourne

Creative Cubes has two offices, located in Richmond and Hawthorn, both being inner suburbs of Melbourne. But these are not more than 15 minutes apart and are across the Yarra River. Let’s walk through the two A-grade buildings.



The Creative Cubes venue at 534 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121 is hard to miss. Thanks to a large ‘X’ on its facade, it is better known as the ‘Building X’. The interiors are filled with plenty of natural light and ergonomic furniture. Besides, it has walls that speak, and an aura that inspires collaborations. The location is also blessed with easy access to many of  Melbourne’s top cafes, bars, and restaurants. The Trams are accessible right in front of the building. While a 5-minute stroll and you will reach the East Richmond Metro Station. A secure car parking facility is also available on site.



In Hawthorn, Creative Cubes office is placed at the rear of 600 Glenferrie Road. This space is accessible via the Oxley street, from the rear side of United Petroleum. The building houses walls covered in green plants and vibrant art. Directly opposite the car park, this space offers a lot more than coworking. They have got a sprawling event space, a yoga center, cafe, and a fitness center as well. The Trams and Trains are a short walk away from 600 Glenferrie Road. They also have on-site car parking facility and the best of cafes in the locality.

Wish to know more? Call them at 1300 228 237 or mail your queries to [email protected].


Amenities at Creative Cubes

There are plenty of reasons to choose Creative Cubes as your work location. To mention a few, it has,

  • Kitchen: The Kitchen here is everyone’s favorite spot inside the space. Fridge, microwave, glasses or cutlery, it is fully accessorized. While, the filtered, sparkling and hot water taps are meant to be fallen in love with. Also, get access to the regularly supplied Fresh Fruits in the kitchenette.
  • 24/7 access: All members get 24/7 access to the facilities, that are completely air-conditioned, regularly cleaned by the Janitorial staff.
  • Superfast internet: for your super fast business operations. Available for all members and visitors.
  • Health Conscious? Have a yogic approach to fitness or a gym junkie, you’ll find both here. The Hawthorn building has Rebel Monk Yoga Centre beside an Orange Theory Fitness Studio. No excuses!
  • Receptionist and Concierge Services: for all memberships except day pass. So none of your guests or you, are left unwelcomed at the facility.
  • Personal business numbers:  Businesses have the option to opt for dedicated business phone lines in the Creative Cubes spaces.
  • Conference and Meeting Rooms: They have awe striking conference and meeting rooms. Fully equipped with AV gadgets, they will meet all your presentation, conference and similar needs. Need an all-black room with basketball court design ceiling or a traditional sofa setup? There are plenty of meeting options to choose from. These can be booked by the hour, day or longer.
  • Event Space: is available at Hawthorn location. It is fully equipped, with all your audio video needs taken care of. It lets in plenty of daylight, while you get the option to use sheer blinds in case you have to use projectors or otherwise. A training seminar, a workshop, or a business launch, the interiors can be reorganized to fit in your event’s checklist.
  • Onsite Paid Parking: A secure place to park your vehicles is available on site at a reasonable price.
  • Mail Handling Service: What happens to your Courier and Posts reaching Creative Cubes Melbourne? They are efficiently handled by their professional staff for you. This is an inclusive service for dedicated, private office and virtual office members.
  • End of trip facilities: Riding to work will no longer be sweaty. They have Bike racks for your bicycle and Showers to tame your fatigue.
  • Chill Out Areas: These areas at Creative Cubes coworking Melbourne are specifically meant to bring back the mind-body balance to normal and realize what the true life goals are. Or perhaps a relaxed brain may find you the solution to a dilemma.
  • Dedicated Lockers: No need to carry your important stuff back home daily. You can leave them behind in dedicated lockable storage spaces and access them on the next day to work.
  • Quiet Phone Spaces: Have an important call, interview or discussion over the phone. The phone booths have just the right amount of silence you need to carry out your conversational tasks, with privacy.

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Creative Cubes Melbourne – Membership Plans:

Wish to be a part this active and impressive coworking space? Need a day’s accessor a month’s? A temporary desk, permanent or more private office space for your team? Creative Cubes have all kinds of cubes to fit in your requirements.  Choose a plan from the following and be a part of the great collaborative network at this Melbourne space.

Day Pass

Access to the Creative Cubes facilities comes at the starting price of $39 per day (ex GST). Most suitable for those on a business trip to Sunshine Coast. Or for those folks who work at home and need to escape the unasked for distractions at home. Get a day pass. And reach the venue, find a vacant desk in the shared coworking area, log in to their wifi, and start your work. For day pass members the hot desks in the shared area are accessible 8 am onwards.


With a collaborative membership, you may access the Creative Cubes facility 24/7. This membership starts at the price of $500 per month (ex GST). This will get you access to hot desks in a fully furnished shared coworking area. The desk will be temporary and you will have to find a new or vacant desk on each visit. While you will be able to enjoy all the amenities like that of a leased office. As the name suggests, this membership begets a truly collaborative environment. The members are more interconnected. Plus plenty of new idea or help is at an arms distance in this space.

Dedicated Desk at Melbourne’s Creative Cubes

Need a desk space reserved only for you? A dedicated desk, starting from the price of $700 per month (ex GST), gets you just that at Creative Cubes. You will get to choose a desk in the shared space before the agreement. Different desks are priced differently due to some perks associated with them. For instance, a desk beside the window has higher demand and may thus be priced higher than the rest. These can be booked by individuals or smaller teams who are either low on budget or vying for networking opportunities.

Private Office

Well, in case you need more privacy and silence than in the shared area, a private office will suit you. Here you will get private office space at a much pocket-friendly price yet with better amenities than a leased office. These fully furnished, glass-walled private offices give you a great view of the exterior liveliness, minus the fanfare. These are secure, 24/7 accessible and ready to move in. Furthermore, they are suitable for teams of up to eight people. For price information please contact Creative Cubes Richmond or Hawthorn.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a blessing for the work at home professionals or businesses operating from remote locations. That’s because your business gets addressed more professionally. Yes literally!  With the Virtual office package, you get to use the Richmond or Hawthorn office address as your own on everything and anything business. Besides, your posts reaching their address will be handled efficiently and as per your instructions. For membership price, please contact the Creative Cubes team.

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It is often difficult to secure an office space that too in a prime business location. Even difficult is to fit in the maintenance and overhead costs into your monthly budget. But with coworking facilities, like Creative Cubes, the concept of traditional office culture looks old school. These spaces are more open and flexible, and the maintenance of the space is none of your business. In fact, these are perfect for startups and freelancers who strive hard for opportunities that bring growth and exposure.

Besides, coworking spaces, Creative Cubes have art, light and everything bright. Besides, their team is more than welcoming. They often go out of the way to give you the best of what the space offers, to assist you in your business goals. In case of bigger firms, what can be a better way to save on expensive office upkeep. Whereas for startups and entrepreneurs, the atmosphere here will be perfectly congenial for the germination of their ideas. Schedule a visit to get a first-hand experience.

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