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Blockchain Centre Melbourne is like a creche for the startups working with Blockchain Technology. The idea behind the Centre is to cater to the knowledge and support needs of Blockchain enthusiasts. And to see the technology prosper. Coming to ‘blockchain’, it is a cryptography powered technology that has taken the world by storm. Its best-known product being the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Naturally, it has attracted a lot of talented minds to work on it. But most stumble on certain roadblocks, like knowledge and exposure. That’s because there are neither many experts nor spaces where you can access the few that are. And the Blockchain Centre perfectly fills this gap. As they offer workshops and resources in a coworking space, that doubles as a community hub.

Blockchain Centre Melbourne is a hub where you can be with the best of the blockchain industry. Plus, they are not for profit. It is especially a boon for local blockchain startups, as they won’t have to relocate for better opportunities. Like the Blockchain technology, the Blockchain Centre also wants to be limitless. For this, they are expanding beyond the Australian Shores. Hence, apart from Melbourne, they have centres in Vilnius (Lithuania), Shanghai (China) and another in Columbia. So wish to learn more about or make connections in the Blockchain community? Here is the place where you can get both guidance and support. And perhaps, a lot more. Keep reading…

An Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Far before the invention of the Bitcoins, Blockchain Technology had humble beginnings. It purely deals with cryptography and data structures. Yet it is one of the sciences, the world is crazy after. In fact, from communication to commerce, and from gaming to education, blockchain applications are overwhelmingly expanding. But what makes blockchain so powerful, is the reason that it’s a tuff nut to crack. Since the technology is complex and not an open source, making it difficult to tamper with. Besides, any such efforts will be easy to detect. And trust me, data security is high on the agenda of many global superpowers.

Block Engine Incubation Program:

The Block Engine is the first such incubator in Melbourne. Functioning under the roof of the Blockchain Centre. Needless to say, this program is centred around lending support to startups in the domain of blockchain technology.

The Incubation Process:

  • Selection: Selection to the program is on an application basis. Wherein startups involving blockchain technology, apply for membership when the Blockchain Centre Melbourne declares them open. Only ten best startup teams are finalised for the program.
  • Training: The selected startups, then undergo a series of workshops and training sessions and learn more about blockchain. Apart from them, they also get opportunities to be a part of many community events. And these help them in earning the best contacts and connections from among the community, to thrive.
  • Support: Once a member of the Centre, a forever access to the community. That’s because they aid member-investor connections that give a financial boost to young ventures. Moreover, through their alumni program, they will always be there for you.

Program Highlights:

  • Limited Teams: Only 10 teams get the opportunity to be a part of the incubation program. This is for the reason that, the quality and purpose of the program aren’t compromised.
  • Structured Timeline: With a timetabled schedule, members get a sense to give their best. Hence, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of member teams.
  • Exposure: Members are given ample of industry exposure, through workshops by industry experts, twice a week at Blockchain Centre Melbourne.
  • Specist Access: The best part, each startup here is introduced to around twenty mentors, hand picked for their particular domain of blockchain.
  • Demo Day: is more like the report card day. The last part, this is a grand event, wherein, everyone from investors to the government are in attendance. And members get the opportunity to showcase their venture to the audience.

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Membership Plans at Blockchain Centre Melbourne

The Centre offers only two membership options, VIP Community and Coworking. The VIP members get preferential access to facilities, while the Coworkers get to be a part of the space. To know more about them in detail, read ahead.

VIP Community Membership

The VIP community membership is available on a one-year subscription basis. As the name suggests, it is full of many privileges for accessing the facilities at the Blockchain Centre. Be it the content, tools or the technology itself.  Be a VIP member at the Centre for an annual payment of $50 AUD. The perks of this membership are:

  • Free Hot Desks: VIP members get unlimited and free access to the hot desks in coworking area, every Monday.
  • Event Privileges: Besides, you can also be a part of all exclusive events. And you will not only be invited to all the Community Events but also get pre-sale VIP passage to special events here. Likewise, early bird discounts are also tempting in this membership.
  • Library Access: Additionally, you may enjoy browsing through the exclusive online blockchain library.
  • Other Discounts: Members can avail 20% discount on the purchase of any of the Centre’s commodities. Also, for any workshop events you wish to be a part of, you’ll get $50 off. Furthermore, discounts are also available on purchasing Blockchain Centre partner services.

Coworking Membership

The coworking members enjoy all the perks of the VIP membership, plus more. The more includes, unlimited access to the hot desks in the coworking area. Besides, you may also access the Meeting Rooms here. In addition to these, members will have immense opportunities to network and connect with more people. And by more people, I mean everyone from start-ups to the entire Blockchain community in Melbourne.

Events and Workshops:

Blockchain Centre Melbourne organises lots of workshops, courses and events, related to all things blockchain. From introductory to advanced level, they can make a pro out of you. Furthermore, the subjects of these range from, Introduction and programming courses on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, fundraising etc. To know more about their events and their prices, please visit their website. And do check their Event Calendar.

Blockchain Consultations:

Melbourne’s Blockchain Centre also offers consultations for everything ranging from blockchain, cryptocurrency, to its purchase and exchange as well. These are available for both Individual or organisations. And maybe a two-hour mee, or a full day presentation. So, to arrange one, please visit their website.

Blockchain Centre Melbourne Location

Melbourne Blockchain Centre Coworking

The Blockchain Centre currently operates from 710 Collins Street. And from within the Stone and Chalk coworking space. 710 Collins Street, is actually hard to miss heritage building, thanks to its extensive glass facade. The glass walls demand a glance from every pedestrian. Besides, the building lets in plenty of natural light, with a high ceiling. As a result, it has a 6/6 green star rating. Additionally, the Southern Cross Railway Station is just 200m away. While you may catch a tram at the Batman’s Hill Stop D15, which is right in front when you step out. This Collins Street is certainly a prime location for any business.

For any queries or to schedule a visit, call them on +61 437 915 396 or send an email at [email protected].

Address: At Stone & Chalk, Good Shed North, 710 Collins Street, Docklands VIC, Australia 3008


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The Blockchain Centre is a union between Blockchain and the coworking concept. It is more of a hub of knowledge and community, associated with the blockchain technology. It’s a first for Melbourne residents and the biggest in Australia when talking about blockchain. So, the developers, businesses and supporters of blockchain now have a roof to work from. Under which ideas bloom, startups get support and businesses thrive.

If your venture is also has anything blockchain in it, come to the Blockchain Centre. This beautiful centre in the harbour city of Docklands is a prime location to work from. And if you too are eager to see this emerging technology advance, be a part of this extensive community.

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