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WOTSO Varsity Lakes at Gold Coast is a part of an increasingly expanding network of coworking spaces around the globe. WOTSO has everything from a single desk to spacious offices for larger corporates. Moreover, the best part about WOTSO is its flexibility. They offer al the services on simple monthly agreements and prices. Another great reason is its ever-expanding network. So travel can’t play a spoilsport to your work commitments. WOTSO has spaces in multiple cities of Australia, and one each in Singapore and Malasia as well. Thus there’s plenty of room for growth. And by that I mean, growth for both WOTSO and its members.

WOTSO Varsity Lakes is also a great address for any business. The team has much experience in creating spaces that improve productivity and outputs. Besides, the bunch of facilities that they place under a single roof are all-inclusive. Moreover, the meeting spaces are also spaces to kill for. So, whatever your workspace needs are, you will surely find something that fits in your needs. And also that fits in your budget. Then let’s go further into this space.

WOTSO Varsity Lakes (Gold Coast) Amenities:

  • 24/7 Access: All dedicated and office space members will get swipe card access to this space. That too 24/7. Besides printers, scanners, fax etc are all at hand.
  • Concierge Service: Need a dentist’s appointment, dry cleaning service or order food? The Concierge is there for all such needs of yours. So its time to get organised.
  • Kitchenette: A super cool kitchen space is also available. Which is also both fully stocked and furnished.
  • Storage Lockers: Carrying your equipment back home each day seems lame isn’t it? Not anymore. Put them safely in lockable storage at a tiny fee. That’s it!
  • Beer and Wine: They don’t just serve tea and coffee. A little stress is good for the work. But a little glass of wine or beer is a much-deserved reward for the hard work put in.
  • Mail Handling Service: Mails arriving at the workspace? No problem. Because the WOTSO staff will handle them all efficiently unless they reach your hand.
  • Networking Events: WOTSO at Varsity Lakes Gold Coast organises plenty of networking events to make connections and expand their ventures.
  • Meeting Rooms: They have a range of meeting rooms. These are fully equipped with AV gears, besides option for catering as well.
  • Super Fast Internet: All space members are serviced with high-speed internet and wifi facility.
  • Disabled Friendly: This space is also wheelchair accessible.
  • Ping Pong: Need to refresh? Just reach the ping pong table, while a partner player will be handy enough. And off goes the stress. In addition, they have board games too.
  • Private Booths: Need privacy for your calls? Get into the private phone booths, be it a business call or one from home.
  • Parking: They have ample space for parking on site at WOTSO Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast.
  • End of Trip Facilities: They have bike racks and showers too! A gym as well.
  • Dog-Friendly: The cutest part of this space is that you can bring in your pooch too. But do inform them before you bring one.







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Membership Plans:

WOTSO Varsity Lakes Gold Coast provides coworking for both hot desks and dedicated desks. Besides they also have spaces for private offices and multiple meeting and event spaces as well. All these spaces have been created for providing all the facilities that a business need to grow. Have a quick look through the following plans and choose what suits you best.

Hot Desks

Hot desks are temporary desks in an open plan seating area. As the name suggests, these are available of first come first serve basis. Each day can bring you a new desk. Moreover, this space is particularly appreciated for the abundant opportunities to meet and connect with other coworkers. The hot desks are available on both casual and monthly basis.

  • Casual Hot Desk: Casual passes are one day passes. So if you need just a say’s access to the coworking space, this is for you. The Casual pass comes at the price of $50 per day. So, if you are a freelancer or one visiting this side of the coastline, don’t let your work suffer. Just get a casual pass, grab a desk and start off.
  • Monthly Hot Desk: For more regular access to the coworking area, get a monthly membership. It is available at the starting price of $275 per month at WOTSO Varsity Lakes.

Dedicated Desks

If a finding a vacant desk bores you, or you need a space that’s yours, get this membership. The dedicated desks are permanent desks, in a coworking area. Though different desks come at different prices. Due to the fact that each desk even in the common area has its own pros and cons. Like, a desk near the window or in a quiet corner is more prefered, and thus have a higher price. These come at the starting price of $440 per month. And, once you choose a desk it will be assigned to you alone.

Office Space

You need an office space if you have a team and/ or the common area disturbs your privacy. The Office spaces at WOTSO Varsity Lakes are custom built and have all the furniture. Besides, you will have access to other common areas as well. Though the prices of private office spaces depend on user requirements. So please contact WOTSO for the same.

WOTSO Passport

Your usual passport carries visa stamps that let you travel and stay in different countries. The same is with the WOTSO passport but in a little different context. The WOTSO passport allows you to access a day or more of hot-desking across all of their global locations. The only precondition is that you must be a monthly member at any of the locations.

Virtual Office

If you work from home or a residential-like address, your business must have suffered from trustability issues. But there exists a very easy solution for you. You may go for a Virtual Membership at this coworking space. Thus you may put up 194 Varsity Parade address as your business address. You may use it on your website, business registration, emails and in fact on the entire marketing collateral. And any calls and posts arriving at the location in your name will be efficiently handled. Just as you instruct them. The price of virtual membership is not available. So kindly contact WOTSO Varsity Lakes (Gold Coast).

Meeting and Event Spaces:

WOTSO has three meeting spaces at their Varsity Lakes campus in Gold Coast, suitable for all your meeting needs. All of these spaces have refreshments available. These Meeting room options are:

  • Times Square: The Times Square meeting room is available for $70 per hour. This space has a smart Apple TV, besides a whiteboard. It has enough room for 6 member teams. Moreover, the
  • The Glass House: You may hire this room for $80 per hour. It has the capacity for 14 people. Like the previous room, this too has a TV and whiteboard.
  • L4 Meeting Room: The largest of all the meeting rooms at WOTSO Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, the price of this room is $100 per hour. Further, this room can accommodate up to 25 persons. Besides, it also has projector screens.

Location and Contact

Gold Coast - WOTSO

WOTSO Varsity Lakes in Gold Coast is at 194 Varsity Parade in Varsity Lakes. The location is surrounded by many retail stores, cafes and gyms. Moreover, the Bond University Campus is a few minutes away. There is also a cafe in the lobby space. Besides the Market Square Shopping Centre is at a stone’s throw. And, if you need a little stroll, walk down Central Park and get fresh. Coming to public transport, you may catch a bus on Main Street or the Assembly Drive.

For any queries or to schedule a visit call at 07 5391 1308 or send an email at [email protected].

Address: 194 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227

Website: https://wotso.com/locations/gold-coast/


WOTSO Varsity Lakes Gold Coast is one of the best coworking spaces in this part of Australia. For freelancers, startups or small and large businesses, there’s a space for all. They hold regular events and workshops which double up as networking opportunities. For instance, the monthly networking breakfast and Friday drinks are very popular among the members.

It is about time that you call WOTSO Gold Coast home. Why? I have all the reasons. Firstly, if you work from home, get out of the house and step into the WOTSO’s opportunity filled space. Plus beat the isolation of the four walls of your home. Secondly, if you are a startup grab the chance to connect with like-minded people and grow your clientele. And lastly, if you just can’t leave your current space, take advantage of the virtual address membership. So to rise and shine my dear, you have to visit the space.

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