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As the name denotes, Gold Coast Innovation Hub is a centre for innovators. Partnering with around 20 companies, they provide workspaces, event spaces, and other services. All in all, they support a collaborative environment that drives growth and sustainability. This centre was launched in the year 2017 with the aid of the Queensland government. Also, the founders of the company are the ones who were behind the inception of award-winning software company Opmantek. Furthermore, the motive of the company is to expand its network in innovation and tech sector.

Gold Coast Innovation Hub has classy event centres and meeting rooms for its tenants. Additionally, there is a well-equipped podcast studio as well. This is good news for all the podcasts enthusiasts. Apart from this, they offer workspaces in the form of hot desks, dedicated desks, and office spaces. You will be amazed to see the flexibility provided by this workstation. Moreover, you will get innumerable chances to meet and network with other people who share the same interests as you. To gain more knowledge about this place, please keep reading further.

Amenities offered by Gold Coast Innovation Hub:

  • At Gold Coast Innovation Hub, you will get a high-speed internet connection. So, you don’t have to bother about bringing your own internet device.
  • The place has abundant parking facilities.
  • To help you stay focussed, you will get free coffee.
  • Gold Coast Innovation Hub has a well-equipped kitchen as well. So, you don’t need to leave the workspace to go out and eat.
  • There are special meeting spaces for you to meet up with your clients.



Another Space = Gold Coast Business Hub

GC Hub Gold Coast Membership Plans

Gold Coast Innovation Hub offers a range of membership plans to help you choose the most suitable one. These spaces are well furnished and have state-of-the-art interiors. Also, you will get additional benefits with these plans that will make your tasks more attainable. Given below is the list of available membership plans. So, choose the one that fits your work schedule.

Hot Desks: Hot desks are ideal for casual workers who need the workspace for a couple of days. Also, these desks are meant for those who fancy a change in the scenery regularly. That is to say, they do not like to work in a fixed spot. So, every time you come to the centre, you can choose any desk you like. However, it will be based on the availability. At this place, you will get a variety of hot desk options. Furthermore, these desks are ideal for employers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. To know about the membership costs, kindly connect with their team.

Dedicated Desks: These are fixed desks ideal for full-time workers. In this option, you will be assigned a fixed desk where you can work in peace. Also, there will be additional facilities attached to this option. For instance, you will have 24/7 access to your workspace and much more. Gold Coast Innovation Hub provides full-time desks wherein you will be in close vicinity with other like-minded peers. To know the membership cost, please connect with their team.

Office Spaces: Spacious office spaces for a team consisting of 1 to 20 members. These private offices will be only accessible to you and your team. In addition, you will be working in a professional environment with full privacy. Gold Coast Innovation Hub has a variety of dedicated desks available for you. So, connect with them and procure information regarding membership costs.

Other spaces within Gold Coast Innovation Hub:

Apart from the workspaces, Gold Coast Innovation Hub also houses some other spaces.These areas are meant for discovery and innovation. Also, they will help you in providing assistance in whatever tasks you are working on.

Event Centres: The Gold Coast Innovation Hub is an ideal location for hosting your business events and workshops. The booking of the room can be for a half or full day (minimum 4 hours). Here, you will be able to meet up with your clients and organise the event however you want to. To know about the prices, kindly get in touch with their team.

Meeting Rooms: Gold Coast Innovation Hubhas customized special rooms where you can hold your meetings. The meeting rooms are spacious and well-furnished. In fact, they can accommodate about 150 people. In addition, the room contains a relocatable centre table. Apart from this, catering services are available. To know more, get in touch with their team.

Podcast Studio: Gold Coast Innovation Hubhouses a podcast studio as well. Here, you can broadcast your stories to any part of the world. It is well-equipped with modern recording instruments that are easy to use. Also, if you are already a member at this centre, you will get a 50% discount on studio hire. Connect with their team and book now!


GC Hub Gold Coast

Gold Coast Innovation Hub is located at the address 36 Laver Dr, Robina QLD 4226, Australia. If you are tired of the city noise, then this place is ideal for you as it is situated in a serene area. Also, there is abundant greenery and you will enjoy good scenery.

Additionally, their partner spaces and outreach locations are Gold Coast Tech Space, Burleigh Space, Bond University, Startinno Coworking, TAFE Queensland, Southern Cross University etc. 

For more details, contact +61 7 3041 1346 or visit their website


If you are an innovator and are looking for a place to work on your innovations, then Gold Coast Innovation Hub is your match. Moreover, at this place, you will be able to network with people who share your goals. So, apply for membership and work in a productive environment. You will definitely see the staggering difference in the results. The additional facilities offered by the centre will make your tasks easy and achievable.

The availability of studios and meet up spaces at Gold Coast Innovation Hub is an added bonus. Also, these extra spaces come with all a lot of facilities. This means that you can organise your events without any fuss. Conquer all the challenges at work by getting yourself booked today!

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