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Gold Coast Creative House provides cosy and modern coworking spaces to aspiring business professionals. You will notice that your requirements will completely match with the design of the workplace. You can work in a collaborative environment or in seclusion. Whatever suits you the best. Thus, this place brings together a vibrant community of individuals who help each other grow. The work centre comprises of six premium creative studios. Furthermore, the size of these studios measures around 5.9m x 2.35m. This space is extremely comfortable and the interiors will leave you awestruck. A whole business team or even a single person can use these work spots.

There are two common areas at Gold Coast Creative House. The downstairs common area comprises of a large meeting desk and a big LED TV with apple connectivity. Similarly, the common area upstairs can be also be used for meeting purposes. This area has comfortable leather couches! Another good news for you. Gold Coast Creative House shares its space with one of the largest photography studios of Australia, Gold Coast Studio. This 200 square meter photography and film studio’s entrance is in the coworking area only. So, if you are already a coworker at this space, you will be given amazing discounts on the hiring rates of Gold Coast Studio. What more could you possibly ask for?

Amenities offered by Gold Coast Creative House

The amenities offered by Gold Coast Creative House will help you accomplish your tasks more conveniently. Also, these added benefits will not cost any extra money. Once you become a member at their centre, you will get access to all the facilities. Please go through the amenities listed below.

  • Gold Coast Creative House offers a high-speed internet connection. You will never face any hindrance while you are working online.
  • There is abundant car parking available at the centre. So, no need to worry about where to place your vehicle.
  • The place is also disabled friendly and offers wheelchair access.
  • You will have 24 hr access to your workspace. To help you to enter and leave the premises, a swipe pass will be assigned to you.
  • Gold Coast Creative House also provides you with drinking water at their centre.
  • You will also have access to the meeting areas at the centre. These areas have everything you require to conduct a professional meeting.




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Coworking Facility at Gold Coast Creative House

Coworking has taken the corporate world by storm. The flexibility provided by them is beyond amazing. Apart from cost-effectiveness, they also give you a chance of networking with like-minded peers. And that is what Gold Coast Creative House will provide you with. Their centre has a total of six studios. Amongst these, four studios have been created by shipping containers and lay piled up across two splendid levels. These studios can be used by a full-fledged business team or even an individual member. In other words, the work area can be customized in accordance with your preferences. These studios have a modern interior and are fully-furnished with all the equipment. To check the availability and cost, please connect with their team.


Gold Coast Creative House

Gold Coast Creative House is situated in a suburban area at the address 15 Leda Dr Burleigh Heads. The place is in the close vicinity of Ron Mason Park. Also, it is an ideal location to work and thrive. To know more information, contact them on +61 402 162 997 or visit their website


Gold House Creative House houses creative businesses. These businesses together merge to become a community of high-spirited individuals who dream to make it big. So, you will be in close proximity to these amazing people and they can help you climb your ladder of success. Moreover, this space is a unique type of coworking. What I mean is that they do not provide shared desks but instead they have separate studios. So, you will have a more consistent place to work and would not be disturbed by other people.

People looking for an amazing coworking facility should definitely add Gold Coast Creative House to their list. So, take a tour and decide for yourself. Enjoy!

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