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Work is supposed to be fun and interactive. Isn’t this what we learn in the academic years? With Gold Coast Business Hub operating in your city, this adage has become a reality. The reason being that coworking spaces in Adelaide and in other cities are readily changing the mundane work culture. Sharing the workspace, ideas, thoughts, imaginations, and concept transcends to a ground zero for building something new, something better. With a coworking space like GCBH thriving at the front to make things happen, the coming few years will see a tremendous change in the work and life balance.

Gold Coast Business Hub, is powered by Maylake Pty Ltd, a property magnate in Gold Coast and this time they developed a coworking cum office space right in the heart of the city, Southport CBD. From desks and private offices to shared offices and board and meeting rooms, they offer all that you seek in a regular office. But all this is presented in a collaborative manner, which exudes professionalism and cohesiveness. This coworking space is all about helping people build connections and enhance their productivity. With beautiful ceilings and spacious desks, your next office could very well be the lucky charm that spikes up your business.

The whole GCBH precinct is decorated with ergonomic chairs, eloquent furniture and all this is complemented with the beautiful hanging plants from the ceiling. The small but impressive balcony attached to the work floor is the perfect spot to step away from work and take a power nap or have a chat.

Amenities offered at Gold Coast Business Hub

The coworking space is powered by a large property and real estate organization. This means that your business will get a lot of exposure via networking and connections. If that is not all, here a few perks that come along by the virtue of being a member:

  • Business listing in the GCBH directory of clients participants, and members.
  • Your business will also get a dedicated space on the official website of GCBH.
  • Professional and corporate level concierge services to impress the clients.
  • The boardroom is equipped with top-notch communication and presentation facilities and an interactive touch screen for better presentation and ease of access.  
  • Industrial grade photocopiers and optic fiber power internet will never let you halt from working.
  • Landline facilities for the members.
  • For in-house recreational purposes, you can use the shiatsu massage chair, jump outside in the balcony or even rest your bums at the casual seating areas.
  • Simple coffee and tea are complimentary.
  • End of trip facilities include showers, lockers and free bike parking for members.
  • There is also a car park bay in the basement.
  • For your clients and visitors, there are complimentary drinks and snacks.
  • A kitchenette at the Gold Coast Business Hub just makes it feel like a professional home
  • Plus the central kitchen area has a big rectangular table which can sit up to 12 people.




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Membership Plans at Gold Coast Business Hub

GCBH offers plenty of options to work at their workspace, if you are a lone wolf, then the coworking desks are there. However, if you have a team then the private offices and even the executive suites have an unmatched appeal and environment. Listed below are the coworking and office membership plans offered by Gold Coast Business Hub.

Day Desk: This plan will get you access to the Gold Coast Business Hub workspace floor for one day or half day, depending on your choice without any lock-in contracts. The half-day desk rate is $28 and the full day rate is $38. Included in the plan are the kitchen facilities, Wi-fi, tea, coffee, printing facilities and including the end of the trip facilities.  As per the loyalty offer, you will get every 7th visit at Gold Coast Business Hub id free. 

Dedicated Desk: the Dedicated desks offer a permanent seat by the window so that you can enjoy the view while working also there is no lock-in contract for these desks too, you can hire a desk on a month to month basis. A dedicated desk member will get 2 complimentary lockers and meeting room access for one hour in a month without any cost.

Private office: the private offices at Gold Coast Business Hub offer all the necessary facilities you will get in a professional and much more. From in house kitchen to an invigorating coworking culture, GCBH is all about cohesiveness and collaboration. Do not splurge your money by leasing offices at spiking rates, instead go for a coworking private office space at starting from $330 per week to $1320 per month. The private offices have variable desk options and are placed eloquently in prime spots around the whole floor. You will get your own landline number and handset plus a professional concierge service receptionist to invite your clients.

Executive Suites: These suites are built for a team of two working professionals and they are fitted with modern infrastructure. The subscription rate starts from $1635 which is without a dedicated parking spot and if you are to pay $1800 per month, a fixed parking spot in the basement bay is yours. Added to this all the services and facilities mentioned above will be at your disposal in Gold Coast Business Hub.


Gold Coast Business Hub

For every office space, the location is of prime importance. Gold Coast Business Hub is located in the CBD area and is accessible to a number of surrounding flourishing businesses. Added to this there are a plethora of recreational facilities and convenient public transportation pit stops nearby. This location is also just across the road from Scarborough Stop on White Street.

Gold Coast Business Hub is located on one of the main streets in the city at Level 2, 35-39 Scarborough Street, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland. The building is also called as ‘Kay House’. Plus the Carey Park, Anzac Park, and the Coral Sea are nearby, and accessible on foot.

Ummmm! Not Satisfied, well you can always give them a call at- (07) 5528 5470 or ping them at [email protected]



A space which resonates creativity with its design and which considers every member as an important part of the community GCBG is an ideal workspace in the city. With a CBD location and prominent neighbors of the business district working alongside, there is an ocean of opportunities waiting for you at Gold Coast Business Hub.  Not convinced about the frolicking environment ruling your next workspace yet?  Join them for a free trial and contact them today. Happy Coworking!

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