12 Best Coworking Spaces in Perth (2022)

Guide to Coworking in Perth | Check the Best Spaces

Coworking Space Perth has emerged to become the perfect choices for people looking for office space. It was these very shared office spaces in Perth where hundreds of successful startups were once conceptualised. Many entrepreneurs who previously spent their entire days in coffee shops are making a shift towards the hot desk setups in Perth where they are surrounded by like-minded people working towards their goal. Coworking Space Perth have often been regarded as beneficial in running successful businesses and maintaining professional careers for small teams or individuals than traditional cubicle office spaces.

Rather than working at home all by yourself, a Coworking space in Perth will open you to innumerable opportunities while helping you to build a network of contacts and potential clients. You can often collaborate with other individuals or enterprises on projects that are beyond your personal capabilities and at the same time get new and innovative ideas from businesses that were not in your network. All this while working at a high-quality office that would otherwise not be in your budget.

Coworking Space Perth – Complete Guide

Let’s dig through Perth’s best coworking spaces and know what all they have to offer along with ammenities offered, prices and location details.


Spacecubed, Perth


One of the most popular Coworking space Perth named Spacecubed is located in the Central Business District of Perth in Australia. They aim to support 20,000 entrepreneurs and startups by the year 2025. By getting a hotdesk at this coworking space you can ensure that you are surrounded by the kind of people who are equally determined and goal oriented like you. From part-time to full-time coworking and from getting your own dedicated table to a private cabin, the possibilities here let you get tailor-made shared office space in Perth.

Address: 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Membership Price: At Spacecubed, the community membership starts from as low as just $35 per month. However, this does not give you access to Perth’s well-known coworking space. Part-time pass over here will cost you $120 per month with access to 1 day per week. However, if you want access to 5 days a week or maybe 24-hour access, you’ll have to get in touch with the coworking space manager to know the prices.




For every office what matters the most is the environment and the ecosystem in which people work for the day. Officenexus is one such coworking space Perth which aims to provide an ambient and tranquil atmosphere to all the members. From the end of the trip facilities to tech-savvy boardrooms and conference rooms, you will find vast amounts of services and perks by the virtue of being a member of Officenexus. The private offices are tailored to provide the maximum concentration and comfort. There is a kitchen inside the premises which hosts the necessary equipment and the rooftop terrace is the best place to host an event.

Address: The coworking space is located near the Graham Farmer highway at Level 3, 59 Parry Street Perth, Australia.

Membership Plans:

In total there are 4 types of membership plans running at one of the best coworking spaces Perth. They are Hot desk, Dedicated desks, Private offices and Virtual office. The hot desk plan has further 4 sub-parts ranging from one day plan to a full month plan, the price starts from $35 and goes till $425. The dedicated desk membership comes at $500 and monthly rent for private offices starts at $990. Lastly, there are virtual membership plans which are also divided into four subparts. The plan starts at $75 and goes until $250 per month.


Servcorp Perth


The list of best coworking space Perth is incomplete without Servcorp. A premier organization operating in more than 160 locations spread around the world. This means that Servcorp has a wide network of talent members and successful organizations. You can realize the potential of growth by associating with Servcorp Perth after being a part of 40,000 successful businesses operating worldwide. What sets them apart from others is leveraging the technology to ease the office tasks and processes. Every Servcorp location has an in-house IT support and receptionist services.

2 coworking locations in Perth:

  1. Level 11, Brookfield Place, 125 St. Georges Terrace, Perth Western Australia.
  2. Level 28, AMP Tower 140 S. Georges Terrace, Perth Western Australia.

Membership Plans:

You can choose from 4 different plans at this coworking space Perth, these are The membership, Hotdesk, Dedicated desk, and Office. The hot desk and dedicated desk membership start at $299 and $450 per month respectively. The membership plans for office spaces are not shared by Servcorp on their website.


Flux Perth


Flux is another coworking space Perth which is powered by the pioneer names in the business, Spacecubed itself. This place is more than ready to take on the future possibilities and one can make that out from a short visit to their shared office space in Perth. They have a dedicated space for hardware which houses 3D printer facilities among other and a virtual reality lab called SOLDER. All we can say is if your business has anything to do with technology then Flux is the coworking space in Perth you should be looking out to. One quick visit to their website mentioned below can give you a look at the inside of their office premises and you can call them for package enquiries depending upon the options you choose.

Address: 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Charges: Their charges may be at par with Spacecubed Perth since this space is managed by the same company. but we suggest you get in touch with them and schedule a visit.


Regus Perth


One of the most prominent players in the coworking industry, Regus has a vast network of Coworking Space in Perth. A number of successful entrepreneurs and organizations are a part of Regus and they are a part of a humungous network of like-minded members and community. Along with coworking desks and spaces in Perth, they also provide shared offices and custom made private offices on for the members. From fully-equipped meeting rooms to exquisite lounges and event spaces, Regus has a lot to offer. Regus is present in 5 locations around the city and all of them have aesthetic as well as professional value.

5 coworking locations at Perth:

  1. Level 27, St. Martins Tower, 44 St. Georges Terrace, Perth.
  2. Level 29 and 30, 221 St. Georges Terrace, Perth.
  3. Level3, 267 St. Georges Terrace, Perth Western Australia.
  4. Level 1, 100 Havelock Street, Perth Western Australia.
  5. The Garden Office Park, Level 2, Building C, 355 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park, Perth Western Australia.

Membership Plans:

The plans at this Coworking Space Perth are divided into three groups, lounge, co-working desks, and offices. The lounge membership plans start at $131 per month, the coworking desks membership starts at $439 per month. Lastly, the private offices can be availed after shedding a minimum of $789 every month.


We Are Liberty – Serviced Offices & Hive Coworking, Perth 


Available at two different locations, this shared office space Perth has become one of the pioneer names in the business in less than a decade. Arguably the best Coworking space Perth with a view, Hive also boasts of the best meeting room experiences with the right equipment on board. From a Coworking seat to getting an entire dedicated private office to yourself, you can go more than one way here. With a private office, you get a dedicated reception team, personalised call handling, and corporate grade internet connection.

Address: 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia.

Price: The pricing plans at this coworking space Perth start from $37 per day. You can opt for 2 days week access at just $69 per week. If you are looking for a dedicated desk for 8 hours a day, then you can go for $139 per week plan. They also offer company telephone number and personal call answering service.


Tank Stream Labs


Located in two cities of Australia this coworking space Perth is known for connecting the dots between innovation and its pre-requisites. From budding entrepreneurs to large-scale organizations you can find a large talent pool working at Tank Stream Labs. This coworking space is the takeoff site for success and growth as it provides a platform enabling all the members to connect, collaborate and grow.

Location: Tank Stream Labs has one coworking location in Perth at Level 2, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, Western Australia.

Membership Plans:

You can opt for any one of the three membership plans promoted by TSL. The Part-Time plan, the Hot Desk plan and the Dedicated Desk plan. The price of all the plans lies between $350 to $700.


Sync Labs, Coworking Space Leederville


One of the pioneer names when it comes to Coworking space Perth in Leederville area is Sync Labs. It is a second home to many entrepreneurs, individual business owners, artists and more. With a membership here, you can get deals for their resident community for R&D, Tax advice, IP Protection and even cloud infrastructure. They have a common kitchen space that is shared by all and a seat here allows you to use the meeting rooms, internet connection, printers and more.

Address: 6/663 Newcastle St, Leederville WA 6007, Australia

Price: Sync Labs coworking Perth has got 2 different membership plans. If you are looking for a 24-hour access to a shared office all 7 days a week, resident membership will cost you $550 per month. If you wish to go for twice a week access as a part-timer, then it will cost you $300 a month.


fSpace, Coworking Space Fremantle


This coworking space in Perth based in the heart of Fremantle, f Space is a creative shared office option in the city. With inspiring energy, this space offers fast wifi, onsite colour printing, scanning and copying along with free tea and coffee. The atmosphere here is actually great. They have got a shared kitchen area and a separate area to host guests. They also have a private meeting room for team meetings or presentations.

Location: 18/27 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Pricing: fSpace coworking Perth has 4 different pricing plans named – fday, fpart, fpart and fteam. Their day pass starts from $35 while a part-time pass for 3 days a week access costs $320. A 24/7 access to the workspace can be had in $550 per month. If you have a small team, you can opt for their fteam plan that costs $850 per month with dedicated desks.


The Platform


We all have a desire to make a name for ourselves or to do something that has the power to change the world as we see it. But then Life Happens and that fire is doused eventually. The Platform is among those coworking space Perth which aims to help you resurface those motives and move on the path to be a changemaker. There are two initiatives that are run by The Platform, one is the Platform Space and the other is Platform Studio. The Studio houses the seating desks and Space is where you can host your events and small functions.

Address: Level3, 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth Australia.

Membership Plans:

There are 4 membership plans to choose from at The Platform, these are Friends, Light, Standard and Premium membership. The prices for these plans are not divulged with by the management. You will be able to benefit from the Purpose and Purpose Huddle like initiatives which aim to connect people and allow them to interact with the community leaders and like-minded people.


Thinklab Coworking Fremantle


Centrally located in Fremantle, this coworking space Perth has garnered quite some love from the community. It is a short walk away from the Fremantle station making it one of the most easily accessible places on the list. They are perfect for entrepreneurs and individual workers or freelancers who are looking for a workplace with like-minded people. It has 24×7 access and complimentary tea/coffee for all the coworkers. 

Address: Suite 2/51-57 Market St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Price: There are a variety of packages to choose from and also a daily pass if you wish to use their facilities for just a single day. For a part-time Coworking space in Perth’s Thinklab, you will have to shed out $175 for a month which gives you 12 days of access while $400 is the most premium package providing unlimited access for an entire month.


Tech Hub Perth


Redefining what we have come to know of shared offices, Perth the Tech Hub intends to be something more than the other places on the list. There is plenty of space for client meetings, and phone calls along with enough room to expand if the need arises. Only a six-minute walk from the station, it is accessible to most people in the city. You will find a bunch of techies and artists that rent the space out here and they are the friendliest bunch you will ever meet. There are enough small cafes around the corner if you feel like grabbing a bite. This coworking space Perth  has a dedicated car parking too.

Address: 4 Money St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Membership Plans: Part-time desk for 3 days a week can be availed at $451 per month. if you want a dedicated desk for full time at Tech Hub coworking Perth, then it will cost you $650 AUD. A full-time private office area is also available for 4-5 people at $1780 per month.

Working at a shared office space area or a coworking space in Perth opens up you to new endless opportunities and help you build a network of fellow individuals. Added benefits include sharing for basic necessities like internet connections, printing machines and a load of equipment including TVs and projectors. Setting up your own personal office costs significantly more than sharing a workspace with other people and at these affordable prices, we couldn’t agree more.

What one fails to address is that these coworking spaces Perth help you maintain structure in life. The biggest problem one faces working from home is that you’re always close to distractions like TV, pets and family and keeping work away from home is absolutely necessary for keeping order to your life. The hot desk places in Perth eliminate all distractions and help you surround yourself with like-minded people who want to be productive at what they do. Working at a restaurant or some coffee shop often keeps you from meeting people who can help your business grow. At these Perth coworking spaces, you meet a variety of people who are some way or other connected to your line of work and their input can be a lot of help when the need arises.

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