Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Adelaide (With Pricing & All Details)

Find the best coworking spaces to work in Adelaide, Australia

There has been a sharp rise in the number of coworking spaces in Adelaide courtesy the increasing number of entrepreneurs. The capital city of Southern Australia is home to growing businesses that have been forging the future of the city and a large number of individuals are becoming affectionate to entrepreneurship than traditional jobs. These people who previously worked from home or coffee shops now prefer to rent a shared office space in Adelaide, thus giving a surge to this industry. Renting a Coworking space brings along major advantages for people that one cannot enjoy while working somewhere all by themselves.

Like other cities of Australia including Perth, Melbourne and Sydney; Adelaide too has plenty of coworking spaces. There are a variety of options to choose from while getting a shared office in Adelaide and you can get something on every kind of budget. From private offices, dedicated desks to renting hot desks, these places truly serve you with the intentions of tailor-made experiences. It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer, renting shared workspace Adelaide can bring your costs down significantly as compared to getting an office all for yourself. Even if you do decide to go the other way, Adelaide’s cheap office spaces will never have the advantages of these shared workplaces which come along with modern architecture, and artistic interiors.

Coworking Spaces in Adelaide

Here is a list of some best places for coworking in Adelaide, Australia along with their pricing plans to help you find a great space as per your requirements.



Claiming being ‘not just a pretty face’ seems to go down well with this Coworking space Adelaide. Rich in features and functionality, it will spoil you for traditional office spaces. Located at the Claxton Street of the city, it is easily accessible to most people and has a lot of café and restaurants nearby. It gives you unlimited high-speed internet, printing facilities, and kitchen usage as a part of membership. There is a breakout area and storage facilities will be available to keep your expensive equipment or important paperwork in secure locks. It also gives you access to meeting rooms where you can take your team for important discussions or pitching ideas to the client. The whole establishment has CCTV cameras ensuring a safe environment on the work premises. All the plans including full time and part time membership are pretty affordable making it one of the cheapest office space in Adelaide.

Address: 9 Claxton Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

Contact: 08 8366 2250


Membership Fee: If you don’t need to work often then you can get their daily membership which costs $50 a day. For $400 a month, you can use the space thrice a week in a month and $850 gives you a dedicated desk with all the amenities for an entire month. When it comes to a private office you will have to shell out $1400 a month which includes unlimited perks like 24/7 access to this place. Do note that all these prices are excluding GST which is charged extra with your membership fee.

CO-HAB, Tonsley

A not for profit organization, CO-HAB intends to actively participate in forging the future of South Australia. With a vast number of options available at this coworking space, Adelaide one can find something best suitable for them pretty easily. Even if you are interested to work part-time or a few days a month CO-HAB has you covered.

Address: Level 1, Mitsubishi Admin Building, 1 Tonsley Boulevard, Tonsley 5042

Contact: 08 7228 6836


Membership Fee: The part-time membership for coworking at Co-Hab, Adelaide costs $80 a month and grants you to use the office five days in the entire month. Part-time coworking 2-3 times a week comes at $120 including free parking, free coffee and tea and unlimited use of internet and printing facilities. These prices go as high as $1400 which entitle you for a studio office which can seat up to four members of your team. All we can say is that these prices you cannot go wrong with CO-HAB coworking in Adelaide.

MÂCHÉ Adelaide


Most of the coworking spaces Adelaide will be filled with techies or individual business owners but MÂCHÉ knows how to distinguish itself from others. One of the Coworking spaces in Adelaide which encourages the artistic bunch with equal enthusiasm, they have studio offices for artists and a media room for someone looking to start his own podcast. The media room has some of the finest equipment on board including a Macbook Pro with Ableton pre-installed along with all the recording microphones and setup. This makes your job easier and all you have to do is just walk in. From artists to producers, and techies to the marketing bunch, this place houses the best of both worlds.

Address: 178 Wright Street, Adelaide, 5000

Contact: +61 402 018 191


Membership Fee: Their executive offices start at $800 a month which can accommodate 3-4 people and that price includes all the amenities they have on offer. Dedicated desks start at $225 a month and flexible desks cost $25 a day. You can also choose the private desk option which will set you back by $300 a month.

Little City Studio


Probably the best put together place on the list, Little City Studio is one of the best names when it comes to shared office spaces in Adelaide. They are perfect for a small team that is looking to rent hot desks or permanent desks in the establishment.

Address: 118 Prospect Rd, Prospect SA 5082, Australia

Contact: +61 421 910 097


Membership Fee: The Flexi tables come in at $280 which basically mean you will have to sit at a different table every day on first come first serve basis. At a slightly higher price point, the dedicated desks at $350 ensure you have a permanent seat where you can leave your belongings behind. The third and the last option is to pay $690 upfront and get your private office. In case you want to use their facility for a single day then you can also pay them $30 on a daily basis.

Hub Adelaide


This Coworking space in Adelaide is one of the country’s most popular one with three other venues in Sydney and Melbourne. Focusing more on the community relationship, Hub assures that the benefits of working here will be substantial to your business. With a 24×7 concept, the place is open at all hours letting you choose your work timings thus helping you maintain your personal and professional lives better.

Address: 5 Peel St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact: +61 1300 482 611


Membership Fee: A dedicated desk here is available for $400 a month which is customizable as per your request. It gives you all the perks of being a community member and access to meeting rooms if you happen to meet your clients at the office. An option of paying $30 daily is also available if you want it that way and Hub also has dedicated offices which are suitable for teams of 1-20 people.

313 Halifax Street

One of the most easily accessible coworking space on Adelaide list, it is centrally located with Post Office, pubs and cafes at walking distances. They have free parking for you and your clients and even have cycle storing facilities if you fancy that. The meeting room is equipped with TV and smart devices like Apple TV so you can pitch in the perfect presentation to your client. The usual bunch of people here consists of graphic designers, developers, architects and interior designers thus making the place even more universal.

Address: 313 Halifax Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Contact: +61 8 8223 4497


Membership Fee: Full-time membership comes in at $110 a week and part-time costs the exact half with access to the place 2-3 times a week thus making it one of the best and cheap office space in Adelaide. They require you to pay in advance each month and the price is inclusive of all gear and equipment that you share in meeting rooms or boardrooms.

Entrepreneurs and individual business owners have been choosing these very names to rent shared office spaces or coworking spaces in Adelaide over working in places like coffee shops and cafes. Although being significantly different from the traditional corporate offices they do offer people to stay away from the distraction of being at home and the loneliness that comes in working alone style.

The advantages of getting a membership to one of these coworking spaces Adelaide also translate to savings on the necessities at the workplace. You don’t have to spend on basic things like furniture, an internet connection, printing machines, printing paper and equipment like TVs and Projectors which are absolutely essential for offices. However, one of the biggest advantages of these Coworking spaces in Adelaide remains that it helps you build a network of people and possible clients for your business which you don’t get at home or coffee shops.