Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Sunshine Coast with Perks & Prices

Looking for the best coworking space Sunshine Coast? You are at the right place. Finding the right coworking space is important as it acts as a catalyst for your startup. The very mention of the Sunshine Coast, reminds one of the picturesque sandy beaches, sunbathing and swanky hotels. However, the city is now growing up in terms of coworking. This peri-urban location is fast emerging as a hub for entrepreneurs. Many coworking spaces at Sunshine Coast have sprung up to support the new startup culture. Hot desking, permanent spaces, kitchens and break out areas or even swanky ping pongs, you’ll get everything here at this coastline

Sunshine Coast coworking spaces are rather new. If you are looking for shared office space and are open to network with other like-minded people, choose an option from the below list and head to the address. We have mentioned the best and most famous locations for coworking Sunshine Coast.

Coworking Space Sunshine Coast


Spark Bureau


Looking for a place that adds a spark to your business idea? The Spark Bureau is a great Sunshine Coast coworking space, right on the bubbly Ocean Street. Flooded with natural sunlight, this location is high on brightness and productivity. Besides, work desks, meeting rooms etc, you’ll find all the right mentoring, training and assistance, your startup needs to succeed. Plus there are plenty of social events for regular networking doses to resident businesses and freelancers.

Membership at this coworking space Sunshine Coast start at just $45 per day. You can access coworking here at full flexibility. While monthly membership payments range between $145 and $650 per month, depending on the days of access. Located in the heart of Maroochydore suburb of the Sunshine Coast, it will take you months trying all the bars, restaurants and cuisines here. Pricing? Don’t worry! You will be left with plenty to put in your bank. Gratitude, its not-for-profit business model. Like that was not good enough, they offer free day trials too!

Location: 7 Ocean Street, Maroochydore, QLD, 4558

Contact: You may contact Spark Bureau by calling on +61 753 708 241. Or alternatively, you can email them at [email protected]



Inbox Workspace


Another great coworking space Sunshine Coast is the inbox workspace. Though named Inbox, be prepared for an out of the box experience here. Apart from an impressive sea view, the interiors stay fresh. Thanks to the greenery, both potted and walled. The location has close access to cafes, pizzerias, etc. If adventure sports excite you, there’s a surfing club near here as well.

The price for coworking here starts from $50 for half day and goes up to $900 per month. Back to the subject, Inbox Workspace has coworking desks, Meeting and Boardrooms etc, for all the contemporary coworking needs. And as to what makes them stand out. They have a Balcony Lounge, HDTVs, Break out areas, Message Chair, Treadmill Desks, private Phone Booths, wait, le’me breathe. They have an eye-catching BMW i3 electric car for members to use. Even over the weekends! Can you believe that?

Location: Level 2, 14-20 Aerodrome Rd, Maroochydore QLD 4558

Contact: Need more info? Dial +61 424 477 117 or shoot an email to [email protected]



The Hive Maroochydore


Are you a busy ‘bee’ workaholic looking for a coworking space Sunshine Coast? Well, I have found you your perfect ‘hive’. Located right in the middle of Maroochydore CBD, the Hive Business Space is a paradise for entrepreneurs and startups. They are not the usual coworking space. Here you will find acoustic work pods, where you can concentrate like never before. Plus height adjustable and window view desks, are also an option. The place has used technology to its best, be it shared coworking areas, meeting rooms or business lounges. My heart goes to the hot chocolate available at the Hive Espresso Bar. And did I mention, they have got barista coffee, tea, snacks and streaming music as well. Plus, an outdoor terrace too. Does that excite you? High Five!

Location: Kon-Tiki Business Space, L1/Tower 2, 55 Plaza Parade, Maroochydore CBD, QLD 4558

Contact: To talk with a Hive executive, call at +61 754 510 000. Or perhaps mail at [email protected]



Noosa Boardroom

I have a great Sunshine Coast Coworking space, for businesses that feel suffocated by the four walls of a home office. Noosa Boardroom is a great escape from the distractions at home and the expensive restaurant coffee you keep buying to secure a seat. It is a great place to work and collaborate 24/7. The place is simple. The plans are even simpler. Besides, they have got fully equipped Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, kitchen and Virtual office memberships as well. The spaces are secure, and lets in plenty of sunlight and growth possibilities. So if you are open to learning and collaborations, NoosaBoardroom coworking space Sunshine Coast is for you. Their pricing model is the simplest of all spaces listed on this page. As they charge one monthly price of  $695 and you are free to access most of their facilities.

Location: CA 6-10, Noosa Civic Commercial, 28 Eenie Creek Rd, Noosaville QLD 4566

Contact: Call at +61 754 306 666 or ping at [email protected] for more information on Noosa Boardroom.



Junction 2 Coworking Sunshine Coast


Sipping and spilling overpriced coffee while ignoring cold stares, working at a restaurant table? Not to mention the constantly distracting laughs and chatter. (Wo)Man, do yourself an honour. Change your work junction to ‘Junction 2’. Another great coworking space for Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs, it is right in the middle of Noosa. You will find a range of teas, local coffee and beer, Toasters, Montville Mist Spring water etc in their kitchen. Thus, solo, micro, medium or small, whatever your business size is, get ready for a restaurant styled corporate space.

As for pricing, at just $50 per month you can get casual access to the hot desk area. Or may go for full month access to dedicated desks for $490 per month. While they even offer executive desk spaces for a monthly price of $590. Whereas, a range of pods is also available at the starting price of $1,490 per month. Plus, they have storage facilities for all your valuables, bikes and even surfboards. So, if you fancy a work-holiday combo, visit this Noosa site. The gorgeous Little Cove beach is just over the hill and great for surfing.

Location: Level 1 (Upstairs), 24 Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads 4567

Contact: Call at +61 (7) 5357 6010 for further information on Junction 2. Or mail at [email protected]


Be a part of this trending concept of coworking at Sunshine Coast. Choose among hot and permanent desks or private spaces. Also get access to the additional spaces for business meeting, conferences and events. Which are otherwise difficult to organize from a home office. So next time you need to work at or visit down south, stop killing your earnings on coffee and stuff. Visit any of these Sunshine Coast coworking spaces and enjoy the luxury of a great beach work vacation. Bon Voyage!

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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