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WOTSO Canberra is a coworking firm that offers services like shared desks and private offices. For those who truly believe in building communities, this workspace is a hub for budding professionals who work side by side. Also, it is striking for a simple fact that it’s a part of a leading coworking company, WOTSO. Together with amazing interior designs and flexibility of working hours, you will simply adore this place. Not only shared desks but there are meeting rooms available as well. This place is perfect for individuals, businesses and satellite teams. In addition, in their open-plan workspace, they also provide lockable serviced offices.

Are you new to the concept of coworking? If so, then WOTSO Canberra has another option for you. You can simply adopt a Canberra virtual office address. Furthermore, they also provide office spaces on a lease. These office spaces will be available to you on flexible terms. Also, you can take advantage of shared amenities like reception services, meeting rooms, kitchen etc. What more? You will not find a better place to meet amazing folks who share your interests. So, sit comfortably and read further to know more about this space!

WOTSO Canberra Locations 

WOTSO Canberra has its office in two different locations in Canberra. One is located in Dickson while the other in Symonston. Both locations offer flexible services.

WOTSO Dickson


This location of WOTSO Canberra falls in North Canberra. The exact office address is Ground Floor, 490 Northbourne Ave, Dickson, ACT 2603. This location has great transport links to the CBD. Also, there is plenty of onsite parking available in the area. You will be working in an ideal location encompassed with an amazing environment. The nearest bus stops are Northbourne Av Motor Registry and Antill St after Badham St. For more details, contact 02 6230 7554 or pay a visit to their website https://wotso.com/locations/dickson/

WOTSO Symonston


The other location of WOTSO Canberra is in South Canberra. The exact address of this space is 10-14 Wormald Street, Symonston, ACT 2609. WOTSO Canberra South is a boutique coworking space. In addition, it is easily accessible and is at a small distance from the airport. You will be surrounded by abundant cafes and bars of Manuka and Kingston. Also, this is an ideal location to work in a professional environment. The nearest bus stops are Canberra Av Caravan Park and Canberra Av after Geelong St. For more details, contact 02 6189 2235 or visit their website https://wotso.com/locations/symonston/ 

Amenities offered by WOTSO Canberra

WOTSO is known for its additional services. Not only this but the fact that they won’t charge you extra money is relieving. The amenities at WOTSO Canberra are designed to lessen your workload. Also, there is a mixture of work and fun in this place.

  • You no longer have to worry about the safety of your belongings. At WOTSO Canberra, you will be given lockers to store your valuables.
  • If you want to conduct meetings in a professional environment then WOTSO Canberra’s meeting rooms are all that you require. Also, these meeting rooms are furnished and are well-equipped. In addition to this, you can get AV equipment and catering services on request.
  • You will be given 24/7 access to your workspace. Also, you will be assigned a secure pass that will help you access your work area whenever you desire.
  • WOTSO Canberra has great connectivity. You will have access to a high-speed internet connection. So google your tasks away!
  • Interestingly, the workspace is dog-friendly. So, if you have a dog you’d like to bring to work, get in touch with WOTSO’s team.
  • WOTSO Canberra respects your privacy. There are private phone booths available in case you want to make a call to your clients or anyone.
  • There are printing facilities available at the workstation as well.
  • If you want to take a break, there are plenty of communal areas to relax.
  • Want more? No problem. WOTSO Canberra also offers concierge services also. So, if you require anything extra, just communicate with the team.

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Membership Plans at WOTSO Canberra

At WOTSO Canberra you will come across flexible membership plans designed to suit your taste. From hot desk to virtual offices, you will find all your needs catered to in this place.

Hot Desks: Hot desks are a perfect match for those who need a workspace a couple of times in a week. For instance, if you are a freelancer and like to work a few days every week, then you ought to opt for hot desks. The hot desk rates at WOTSO Canberra are given below. 

 For Dickson: $55 per day or $220 a month.

Symonston: $50 per day or $165 a month.

Dedicated desks: Dedicated desks are meant for those who need a place to work full-time. Also, these desks come with a bundle of benefits. You gain access to your space 24/7. At WOTSO Canberra dedicated desks are available at the below-mentioned prices. 

For Dickson: $330 a month

For Symonston: $275 a month

Private offices: WOTSO Canberra also offers office spaces to those who need a private place to work. These offices are suited for an individual as well as a large team. To know more about these office spaces, get in touch with their team.

Virtual offices: WOTSO Canberra offers virtual office services to its members as well as non-members. These services include mailing, phone services, directory listings, and reception services. Get in touch with their team to know more.


WOTSO Passport

WOTSO Passport is one of the most beneficial services by WOTSO. With the help of this, you can work in any WOTSO location. For instance, you are a member at WOTSO Canberra and are on a tour to Brisbane, you have the option of accessing WOTSO space in Brisbane for free!

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WOTSO Canberra emphasizes both community and convenience. It offers custom spaces for entrepreneurs, business persons, and freelancers. In addition, you will find yourself amongst great minds who can help you pave the path of success. If you need a reprieve from the unproductive environment of a corporate office, try out WOTSO Canberra. Here, you have the opportunity to gain exclusive knowledge and partners.

The flexibility in membership plans will help you choose the best suitable match for yourself. Also, not to forget the long list of amenities offered at WOTSO Canberra. Similarly, the availability of diverse work areas is an added bonus. So, all these reasons are enough to convince you to try this place. Enjoy!

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