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Servcorp Canberra is one of the best spaces to work from in the Australian capital. As shared offices are gaining currency not only in Australia but the world over. And professionals and businesses alike are occupying these spaces, thanks to the reduced costs and headache. But what makes Servcorp different from the rest is their powerful coworking community. And even so is their quality of service and membership plans. Moreover, the amenities they offer are above and beyond those of any traditional space.

Servcorp Canberra is a part of a grand family of coworking spaces around the world. With all spaces being at prime addresses. For instance, Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Towers, London’s Leadenhall building, and New York’s One World Trade Center. These are just three of the long list of prized Servcorp offices. And do any of these need an introduction? I don’t think so. In fact, next time you visit a city like these, you can enjoy working from such renowned addresses. All you need is a Servcorp membership. Thus, irrespective of the size of your business or the Servcorp location you choose, Servcorp will support you at each step. And you will experience quality at its best.

Locations of Servcorp Canberra:

Servcorp operates from two award-winning buildings in Canberra. One at Nishi Building and other at The Realm. Both not only have beautiful architecture but also have a remarkable neighbourhood. Plus these are less than 10 minutes away, by car.

Servcorp Nishi Building


Address: Level 9, Nishi Building, 2 Philip Law Street, NewActon, ACT 2601

The Nishi Building is better than the best business address, just a kilometre from the CBD. Thanks to its prime location, there are many cafes, hotels, restaurants, gyms and even salons and library. Moreover, the Nishi Gallery, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and the Commonwealth Park, are some prominent neighbours of Nishi Building. And so are ANU, Supreme Court, and a buzzing  Shopping Centre. However, the best part is the striking scene through its windows. Featuring the beautiful Burley Griffin Lake, Parliament, National Museum of Australia and the iconic Telstra Tower. Wow! Coming to transportation, the Canberra airport needs a 10-minute drive. While you may catch a bus at the Civic Center, which is also coincidentally at 10-minute walking distance.

Servcorp The Realm


Address: Level 1, The Realm, 18 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600

The Realm Servcorp Canberra office is a hotel cum office space. The building has a grand atrium, besides a courtyard. The locality is also home to many prominent government offices and departments. Including the likes of finance, Foreign affairs etc. Furthermore, the Buvette, Ostani, Maple & Clove are some fine dining spaces in the vicinity. Besides, there are many other five star hotels and even salons and spas. The busses are at a stone’s throw. While the Canberra Airport and CBD are just 10 minutes by car.

For booking a visit to the Nishi Building call at 02 6108 3824. Whereas for the Realm Servcorp address, call at 02 6108 3834.


Servcorp Canberra Amenities:

  • A kitchen with modern fittings. Besides, there’s unlimited team coffee and water for you and your clients.
  • These offices have Dedicated Receptionist at the front desk. So, there is always a person to greet you and your clients.
  • Need an appointment with a dentist, or book a cab? Ask the concierge and get all organised.
  • You may also avail a dedicated phone line and receptionist service, which is optional. Plus it needs additional payment.
  • They also offer VOIP services, powered by none other than CISCO.
  • These spaces have secure and high-speed internet and are 24/7 accessible.
  • The Servcorp Canberra offices also have high tech office equipment.
  • Businesses operating from the Servcorp spaces also get Personal Business Numbers.
  • They also have an excellent end of trip facilities. Which include showers and changing room, bike storage and car parking etc.


Membership Plans:

The Servcorp Canberra offers premium offices and meeting rooms. They have simple monthly Agreements. Card payees shall be saved from depositing security fee.

Serviced Offices

The Servcorp office spaces are truly envious business addresses. You may hire these 24/7 accessible offices for part time or full time. Besides, you will also get in-house support staff in the package. Furthermore, you can also use the Servcorp address as your own business address. The additional perks of having a private office at Servcorp Canberra include,

  • Free access to a work desk in a coworking area across all global Servcorp offices.
  • Free access to Business Lounge for up to five days a month.
  • And of course, to the global community at Servcorp.

In addition, you also get 12 vouchers per month. Each with a value equivalent to $25. You may use these on,

  • 6 days of hot-desking
  • 3 days use of private Office space at a  remote location
  • Up to 800 free printouts
  • Free secretarial support for up to four and a half hours.

Virtual Offices

You may avail the virtual office package at the monthly price of $299 for the Nishi building, or $289 for the Realm. Both prices are exclusive of GST. Virtual offices are a simple yet efficient way to add impression to a business. This is for the reason that you can put up prestigious Servcorp address on your business collateral. Even while working from a remote location. The virtual office packages at Servcorp Canberra are flexible and effective, which include,

  • Communications Package: The Communications Package is available at the price of $169 (ex GST) per month for Nishi Building. While it is $159 (ex GST) per month for The Realm office. This package gives you a dedicated local phone number, that will be answered by a dedicated receptionist. Just as you instruct them. The messages received by them will then be forwarded to you via email, message or call. Moreover, you will also get a fully interactive voicemail service.
  • Address Package: The address package is available at $169 (ex GST) per month for the Nishi Building. And for the Realm address, it is $159 (ex GST) per month. This package allows you to use the Servcorp address as your own. This package is also inclusive of mail and courier handling service. Moreover, you can access the coworking lounge at any location for up to an hour for free. 
  • Membership Package: You can be a Servcorp member by just paying $50 per month for both Servcorp Canberra locations. This basic membership gets you free access to coworking Lounges at all Servcorp offices. Besides bilingual secretaries. This membership is also inclusive of access to the global Servcorp community. This package comes with two vouchers (worth $25 each), which you may use on a single day of a hot desk. That too at any of the Servcorp offices.

Meeting Rooms

You may hire the Meeting Rooms for $90 per hour for the Nishi building. While it is available for $78 per hour for the Realm building. These rooms are suitable for 2 to 6 people. The Boardrooms, on the other hand, has a capacity of 8 to 14 people. You may hire the Nishi Building boardrooms for $126 per hour. While the price of the Realm boardroom is $120 per hour. These rooms can also double as training rooms, conference rooms, or even for job interviews etc.

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Servcorp Canberra has been around the corner for long. With their years of experience, they are better aware of what businesses need, especially startups. They offer quality support for businesses, especially at the nascent stage. On top, they offer a plethora of services, namely coworking spaces, private offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms etc. Secondly, the amenities like kitchen, lounges, bike racks are add on benefits. And last but not the least, the corporate addresses at which they operate are a complete success package. Don’t you need all of this under one single roof? Then this space deserves a visit for sure!

Ajay Deep

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