Entry 29 Canberra: Coworking, Location, Amenities and Membership Plans

Entry 29 is a community-driven, non-profit coworking space aiming to provide a productive workspace to entrepreneurs and start-ups. The company was started by a couple of business enthusiasts. Consequently, it grew by leaps and bounds to become Canberra’s one of the major coworking firms. This workspace offers shared desks and spaces, encouraging a collaborative environment. In addition, there are plenty of benefits associated with the plans you choose for yourself.

The work areas at Entry 29 Canberra are airy and well-lit. You will always have a chance to meet someone who has the same goals as you. This means you can network and thrive in your business. Also, their friendly ethos, along with the productive atmosphere are just some of the reasons why it is an ideal place to work. There are plenty of options to sit around and just get your work done or just take a break. In conclusion, Entry 29 has created a space that encourages professional workers to share their passion and skills with one another. Keep reading to know more about this place.

Amenities offered by Entry 29:

  • As a member of Entry 29, you will always have access to high-speed internet connection.
  • The work area is well-airconditioned and has heating facilities as well.
  • If you are working on some projects and need technical equipment, you will get full assistance here. Also, there are modern video and audio recording systems.
  • Members at Entry 29 are entitled to many extra benefits like free coffee and tea!
  • There are printing facilities available at the workspace. This includes printers, scanners and photocopier machines.
  • Feeling too tired after spending a lot of hours on your desk? That is alright. There are comfy bean bags and ergonomic chairs available at the space.
  • Interestingly, Entry 29 Canberra has a library as well. So, you will always be just a step away from the universe of knowledge.
  • To relieve the tension, play a game of ping pong with your coworkers!
  • You will have 24 hr secure access to your workspace.
  • At this workstation, you will come across regular events. These events will give you a chance to network with the people around you. Happy connecting!
  • The members can book special meeting rooms whenever they want to.



Entry 29 Canberra Coworking Prices

Entry 29 offers hot desks and dedicated desks to its members. These plans have been charted out to suit all your requirements. To illustrate, you will be given a list of options to choose from. The shared spaces available will give you access to the additional perks as well. The plans have been discussed below:

Hot Desks: Hot Desks are meant for those who require a place to work a few days a week. Or someone who does not like to work in the same spot. At Entry 29, Hot Desks come with various added benefits. For instance, access to meeting rooms, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, kitchen and partner benefits. The rates vary depending on whether you need the space once, twice or thrice a week. For gaining access once a week, the cost is $99/month. Similarly, for twice a week $165/month and thrice a week $220/month. You will have access to your spot form 9 am to 5 pm.

Dedicated Desks: For those in need of a permanent space to work, Entry 29 provides you with an option of dedicated desks. By availing this option, you get 24/7 access to your desk. Also, dedicated desks come with a number of benefits that will make your work way more easier. You get an entry ticket to all the events hosted at this centre. Plus you become eligible to use all the other facilities of Entry 29. The cost of availing this option is $330/month.


Entry 29 Coworking Canberra

Entry 29 is located on the 5th level of 1 Moore Street Canberra. The location is easily accessible as there is a bus stop nearby. Also, there are plenty of cafes near the building. That means you will always be close to good food! To know more information about the place, please contact them on +61 1300 957 296 or visit their website https://www.entry29.org.au/

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At Entry 29 coworking, there is an economical option of utilizing the resources. To enumerate, you get a shared office space which provides you with all the essential requirements. You will not have to spend extra money on basic amenities like internet, printing etc. Also, you get a chance to engage in intriguing events with your coworkers. These interactions will ultimately lead to networking and collaborations.

So, if you are in Canberra and are looking for a coworking space, then Entry 29 might be all you need. Without wasting any more time, book yourself a desk space and experience what it is like to work with fellow workers. You will definitely fall in love with coworking!

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