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In the coworking scenario, WeWork Brisbane has become synonymous with propitiousness and an effective weapon for success in the country. The aim of every WeWork space is assisting an individual to transform from ‘Me’ to ‘We’. This community first environment of WeWork is what allows the members to be a part of something bigger than themselves and this, in turn, helps them innovate and become better than before. For WeWork the biggest catalyst is the community in which people like me and you mould our behavior and develop a distinct set of mind which constantly forces us to challenge our limits.

Some of the biggest organizations in the world like Microsoft Office are using spaces like WeWork Brisbane and are also settled in various other locations. The reason is that they find the employees are working at more than their potential in the coworking spaces. This is because they receive a warm community culture atWeWork. One thing you will realize here is that the members care for each other, they are not blinded by self-interest. All the members are courteous, they believe in healthy competition and happy collaboration.

WeWork Brisbane

WeWork Brisbane is housed in two locations across the city and we are going to discuss the membership plans and a few other things about each of them.

WeWork Brisbane Edward Street


The coworking spaces by WeWork represent an amalgamation of amenities and an enabling environment. Similarly, this location takes care of both the parameters, from basic necessities to inspiring murals and an ample amount of sitting area. You can go for a hot desk, dedicated desk or private offices in order to become a member of WeWork Brisbane. This building is located only a block away from the nearest train station and the car park is also just two blocks away. You will get a kempt desk and surroundings every morning, added to this the support staff is awesome and ever ready to help you. The lounges are perfect, the coffee is fresh and the water is fruity, all in all, you are missing out on a lot outside of WeWork, so hop on board and start your journey anew.

Address and Contact:

Well, if you have made up your mind about becoming a member then quickly rush down to their space and join WeWork Brisbane.

Hey, wait! Here’s the address 310 Edward Street Brisbane City Queensland, Australia.

Not ready to go all the way, just give them a call first on +61 735570023.

Membership Plans at WeWork Edward Street Brisbane 

Here comes the most important part, the cost? We are going to discuss three membership plans availed by them.

Hot Desk: the hot desk plan will cost you $450 per month and you will have access to this location 24*7. The support staff will only be available from the normal working hours 5 days a week in all the locations and under all the plans. This cost is exclusive of the taxes and other services. The mail and parcel services come at an added cost over the basic membership rates.

Dedicated Desk: Some of us like to work from the same place every day, including me. For that, you will have to shed $550 a month and a smile whenever you meet someone in the office. Added to all the other amenities, the mail and package handling facilities are included in this package.

Private Office: Now this is where things get interesting. WeWork Brisbane can accommodate up to 50 people in your office and you can also have a tailored office structure as per your specifications. The office rates start from $900 for 1 seat and can go till $14,900 per month for up to 50 desks. But, if you want a bigger office than this just give them a call and inquire further.

Check out WeWork Brisbane here – https://www.wework.com/l/brisbane–QLD

WeWork Brisbane Creek Street


The efficacy of a business and any startup rests upon a number of parameters, WeWork Brisbane strives to cover all these aspects. From an engaging environment to a collaborative workspace, this location has everything to offer. The curvy Brisbane River takes care of your background and your next coworking space is located in the happening CBD region of the city. The future is bright for this location as the Creek Street is going to be the part of the Golden Triangle financial district. Commuting here is not an issue as we have the Central station at a 3-minute walk and the Adelaide Street bus stop is just 2 minutes away by foot. There is also a car park nearby to this location.

Address and Contact:

Residing in the midst of a number of heritage buildings this WeWork Brisbane space is located at 140 Creek Street, Brisbane City Queensland, Australia.

You can also call them at 1800 123 365 365.

Membership Plans at WeWork Creek Street Brisbane

The Creek Street space has hot desks and dedicated desks to choose from, there are private offices here.

Hot Desks: The hot desk membership gets you a seat in the common workspace, and it works on the first come first serve model. You gotta reach on time to get your favorite seat. The membership comes at $450 per month and you can use the space anytime you want. The mailing and package handling costs are extra.

Dedicated Desk: as for the dedicated desk membership, it will cost you $750 and all the services excluded in the hot desk plan are included in this. For instance the mail handling, a fixed spot under natural light, and referral program benefits.

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WeWork Brisbane Amenities and Perks

  • WeWork Brisbane is connected with 517 other locations spread in 96 cities.
  • Both the locations have 24*7 access.
  • The efficient front desk services are available for 5 days a week within the office hours.
  • You will always to come on a clean and tidy desk, meeting rooms and the common area.
  • For private calls, there are phone booths on every floor.
  • The eloquent conference rooms are custom made with all the AV facilities and vibrant themes.
  • All the necessary office supplies, paper shredder, and printers are there on all the floors.
  • Stay alive and awake for the whole day with fresh micro-roasted coffee ever present in the space and it is free.
  • On top of it, WeWork Brisbane takes pride in designing productivity enhancing common areas and lounges.
  • Store your bike conveniently in the lockers available within the building.
  • You can also choose for mail and package handling services
  • You will also get a chance to attend several professional and social events organized by WeWork.

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WeWork is the premier coworking organization running successful spaces in various locations around the world. The culture of all the spaces provides you with an opportunity to comprehend the nitty gritty’s of business and startups. Added to this it also allows you to challenge your limits and set new benchmarks for the future because without stern competition one cannot aim to become better. WeWork Brisbane will enable you to make acquaintance with prosperity and help you become the acolyte of success and growth.

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