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Hub Australia has set high standards of coworking in the country. It has set off the trend of refurbishing historic buildings into modern and classy workspaces. Hub at Brisbane’s Anzac Square is no exception. Housed in an iconic building, this Hub Brisbane is a perfect mix of class and traditional charm. Their coworking solutions deserve even more appreciation. From a single desk to up to 100 member corporate team office, you say it, they have it. Or they will make it, just for you. They are also brilliant at hospitality, and this is what attracts so many awesome thinkers into the Hub.


The amenities provided by Hub Anzac Square are of the finest quality. The dedicated and efficient staff will take care of almost everything. Here’s what you can access through a Hub Brisbane membership:

  • All Hub premises have premium grade and secured wifi and internet services.
  • A Cafe to freshen up or build new connections; Run by in house hospitality team of the Hub Brisbane. Members and non-members may also book the cafe for events etc.
  • They also have an Exercise Studio and spaces for members to get the mind-body balance right.
  • A hosted Reception to meet and greet your clients when they visit the Anzac Square.
  • The Kitchen is fully accessorized with a space to refresh and have fun-filled chatter with coworkers. It also offers complimentary local beverages, including tea and coffee.
  • End of trip facilities for those who return from a trip or from a walk down the street. Make use of the onsite Showers (with towel service) and Bike Storage facility.
  • Anzac Square has a 550 sqm rooftop space for holding business events and programmes.
  • The Media Studio is fully tech-equipped including podcasting and photography hardware.

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Membership Plans at The Hub Brisbane:

Wherever your business stands today and whatever its size may be; Hub Anzac Square has a place for you to grow. The plans and terms are both flexible and scalable. Moreover, a Hub Brisbane membership gets you a beautiful workspace, a collaborative community and a chance to grow. Plus, membership at one location will give you access to all other Hub locations in Australia. Please go through the following plans and choose the one that fits your requirements.

Flexible Memberships

The flexible or hot desks are suitable for entrepreneurs or small businesses at the nascent stage. With this plan,  access to an open coworking area. Wherein you can select a temporary desk from those that are vacant. All hot deskers may also access all other shared services at the location. This plan comes packed with many networking opportunities, besides free access to Meeting rooms for 4 to 8 hours per month.

The flexible desks at The Hub Brisbane are priced between $250 – $400 (ex GST), per month. The variance in price is due to the difference in locations and facility usage. You will get to choose between,

  • Casual Plan: For access to hot desking for up to 8 days per month, during business hours. ($20 + GST)
  • Frequent Plan: For 24/7 access to the shared coworking area, the entire month. ($400 + GST)

Dedicated Desks

If you need a desk of your own in the shared coworking area, that can be through the dedicated desk membership. You also get 24/7 access to the coworking area, with lockable storage facility.

The dedicated desks are available from $600 to $640 per desk (ex GST), per month. You will also be able to use Meeting Rooms for up to 12 hours per month for free. Company Signage and use of The Hub Brisbane’s mailing address are included within the package.


Need a more private workspace for your team to work in better coherence? Private Office space at the Hub might be a client booster for you. You will get a space with furniture and fittings of high-quality materials. These are suitable for teams of 2 to 20 members.

Office space at the Hub can be secured at the starting price of $650 per person (ex GST), per month. These easy to scale spaces also get you free access to the Meeting Rooms for up to 12 hours per member, each month. And like any leased private office, you can put up company signage, use the Anzac Square as your mailing address, besides a welcome desk with a host to greet your clients – all included in the package.

Connect Membership

The Connect membership can be applied for at the payment of $30 (ex GST) per month and provides access to the reduced price of a day pass for $40 (es GST) per day. The additional perks of this package are access to Hub’s online portal and events. Please note that Connect members will have to book Meeting Rooms at additional payments.

Bespoke Solutions

The Hub Brisbane also offers Office Suites for bigger corporates, which are entirely enclosed and furnished spaces. They have dedicated meeting rooms. And you can customise them to accommodate teams of up to 100 members. These are also suitable for satellite offices or temporary project spaces. For pricing info, please visit their website.

And, even if you are a smaller firm or a freelancer, know that at the Hub, you might be neighbours with big players. And plenty of opportunities will become much handier.

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Location and Contact:

The Hub Brisbane is located at the well known Anzac Square, 200 Adelaide Street, in the Brisbane CBD. The Hub offices are spread over three levels of this National Heritage Listed town square building. Besides the huge entrances and natural sunlit areas, it has been beautifully renovated. With the addition of contemporary furniture, pastel-shaded walls and live plants in every nook and corner, the atmosphere is spot on.

The ground floor has high-end retail stores and a basement parking is also available for you. The Central Station, Buses and Taxi ranks, CityCat Ferry Services are all at direct access from the building. It certainly deserves a visit.

Have any questions? Contact Hub at +61 1300 482 611 or mail your queries at [email protected].

Mailing Address: Hub Anzac Square, 200 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000.



The authority of The Hub Brisbane in the domain of coworking is difficult to challenge. But the concept of coworking has been undergoing a slow change. They have now fast evolved from being just shared workspaces, to a hub where companies attract and retain skilled professionals. And the reason for Hub’s success is that it comprehended this change before others. They have all that your business needs to grow. Work at home professionals gets a motivating and creative space to work. While startups and bigger firms get constant access to fresh talent in the city.

Noted as one of the best coworking space providers in the country, The Hub Brisbane is still on a constant expansion mode. In less than ten years time, they are successfully operating from around six offices in four cities, and a few are already in the pipeline. My tip for you is – Be a part of their success story, to make one of your own. And for this, you will have to visit the Hub Anzac Square location and sign up for their membership. Best wishes!

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