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Servcorp Brisbane happens to be amongst the largest coworking spaces operating around the world. It is a part of Servcorp Limited Company that has workspaces located in 23 countries worldwide. The large network of work centres spread across the world proves the authority of Servcorp in the coworking business. This is a place that has been designed by keeping in view the worker’s mind frame. Servcorp understand your needs and offers you an opportunity to work however you want to.

Servcorp Brisbane allows the self-employed to utilize the benefits and work facilities at a low cost. If you are trying to keep your phone bill low and professional, I suggest using the Communications Package. Or if you want to impress your clients by adopting a virtual address, you can use the Address Packages. The flexibility in the membership plans offered by this centre will surely prove beneficial to you. Apart from this, there is plenty of coffee to soothe your nerves! Read further for a detailed description of the Servcorp Brisbane workspace.

Locations – Servcorp Brisbane

Servcorp serves in three different locations in Brisbane namely, 10 Eagle Street, Riparian Plaza and Santos Place.

Servcorp 10 Eagle Street 


Situated on the 19th level of 10 Eagle Street tower, the workstation is located in one of the most famous skyscrapers in Brisbane. The 32 level building with a golden exterior, locally known as ‘The Gold Tower’, is set-up in a prime location adjacent to many famous landmarks like Waterfront Place. The working space offers a magnificent view of the Brisbane River, Story Bridge and Moreton Bay. You will find many eateries near the building in addition to a coffee shop available on the ground floor. The building is environment-friendly as it is fitted with energy saving lighting and has recycling programs. To know more about the place, contact them on +61 7 3303 8400 or visit their website

Servcorp Riparian Plaza


The 36th level of Riparian Plaza is where you can find Servcorp Brisbane. It is on a riverside location with amazing views that will take your breath away. This architectural beauty carved in a diamond shape stands at a height of 250 metres with the ground level made out of granite. There is ample space for parking in the building. You will find abundant shopping centres and restaurants in the area. Fancy a good scenery at work? Join the Servcorp Brisbane community at Riparian Plaza! To know more, ring them up on +61 7 3121 3000 or visit their website

Servcorp Santos Place


Stationed in the North Quarter boundary, Santos Place is at a close distance to many attractions like malls, arts and entertainment venues. Servcorp is located on the 27th level down the 32 Turbot Street offering magnificent views from the Brisbane River and Southbank. Also, the place is nearby to the Brisbane Transit Centre offering smooth transport connections. You will be at a walking distance from major shopping centres, gyms and serviced apartments. The building has an onsite cafe and restaurant plus the biggest bike parking facilities in the whole of Brisbane. Surely, this location of Servcorp Brisbane will satisfy all your demands. Get more information by contacting them on the following number +61 7 3181 5500 or visiting their website

Amenities offered by Servcorp Brisbane

Servcorp Brisbane offers many in-house amenities to make your work easier.

  • Basics Facilities: The rooms at the workspace have good heating facilities and are air-conditioned as well. You will be provided with a fast internet connection so that you can carry out your work smoothly.
  • Get-Togethers: At Servcorp Brisbane, you will discover a community of like-minded people who are aspiring for big ventures just like you! You can form connections with these people at various social events held at the workstation. Discover a different you by mingling with these amazing people!
  • Technical Equipment: No need to worry about getting your important documents printed or scanned. Advanced printers and scanners are available at Servcorp Brisbane to make your tasks easier. Accessibility: You have 24/7 access to your space if you are a permanent member. This place will be your second home!
  • Chilling areas: Are you tired of sitting in your chair for a long time and need to refresh yourself? There is a solution! There are lounges and chill-out areas in the work centre for you to take that much-needed break.
  • Coffee: Can’t work without coffee? No worries. Servcorp Brisbane understands your requirements. You can get as much coffee as you desire.
  • Catering: The place has free drinking water and even serves alcohol on the purchase.
  • Other Facilities: You will have access to a fully equipped kitchen so that you take your meals on time and work properly.

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Servcorp Brisbane Membership Plans

Servcorp Brisbane has flexible membership plans to suit your work style. Given below is a detailed description of the plans offered by this space:

The Membership: This plan will open up many options for you. By paying an amount of AUD $50 per month, you can gain access to meeting rooms and day offices. You can use the space at this work centre at member rates. Also, you will gain access to high-speed internet available in the lounges. You can market your business by connecting with 40,000 Servcorp clients around the world. A cherry on the cake, you get two gift vouchers per month! That is, you can become a hot desk member for one day and avail all the benefits that come with it. The value of each voucher is $25.

Hot Desks: Do you prefer to work in different surroundings regularly? If yes, then this plan is best suited for you. Choose from any available spaces during business hours and work on those ideas with full force! Come early to pick up the finest spot. The cost of this plan offered by Servcorp Brisbane ranges from AUD $299 per month. There are additional services available under this plan. By paying an extra $100, you can use the famous address of this place as your corporate address. Also, you can hire a receptionist to answer your phone calls and voicemails at just $100. Not only this, you even get two free vouchers per month. By redeeming the voucher, you can get one day of hot desk space or 130 prints or secretarial assistance. Each voucher has a value of $25.

Dedicated Desk: Get assigned a permanent desk at the best spot by availing this plan. Servcorp Brisbane presents you with the option to get a desk of your own at the cost ranging from AUD $450 per month. You will have 24/7 access to this place and can leave your things behind without worrying about anything. Apart from this, you can use additional services and enjoy more benefits. You can either use their address as your corporate address or hire a receptionist to answer your phone calls and voicemails or both. Avail these facilities at just $100 each. By becoming a permanent member, you also win five vouchers. By using them, you get 2.5 days hot desk space or 330 prints or 2-hour secretarial support. Each voucher carries a value of $25.

Offices: Get 24/7 access to your own fully-furnished private office. This option at Servcorp Brisbane is the best for those who prefer to work in a secluded environment. You can always bring your guests to the office to work on your deals. Also, by paying an extra $100, you can hire a secretary who will take your important calls and emails. After acceptance, you will be given 12 gift vouchers per month. By using them, you can become a hot desk member for 6 days or get a private office in a different location for three days or 800 prints or 4.5 hours secretarial support. All this will cost you absolutely nothing!

Serviced Offices: You can have an office space in the best location with the best facilities. These serviced offices at Servcorp Brisbane are equipped with the latest technology to assist you in your tasks. Also, there will be a well-trained team at your service including a receptionist to answer your calls. From a fast internet connection to free calls across locations, enjoy the benefits offered by this in this plan. To top it all, you get free access to coworking space plus free office and lounge usage for five days in a month. To know the cost of this plan, connect with them through their website

Virtual Offices: Impress your clients by adopting the 5-star address of Servcorp Brisbane. A dedicated receptionist will be at your service to manage all the calls and emails. You can gain access to Servcorp Onefone wherein you can link your local phone number with your smartphone. Also, you get 3 hours per day free access to coworking lounge and 3 days per month free access to a private office in a different city. The cost of this plan ranges from AUD $219 per month. Try the first month for free.

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Other Packages at Servcorp Brisbane

Address Package: You can use the address of Servcorp Brisbane as your corporate address at a cost ranging from AUD $119 per month. The benefits of this plan include access to meeting rooms globally, secretarial and IT support, one hour per day usage of coworking lounges. Another surprise, the first month is free!

Communications Package: You can get appointed a dedicated receptionist to handle your calls and voicemails professionally. In this package, you have an option to use the meeting rooms as well. Get full IT support and access to Servcorp Onefone to manage your business smoothly. The cost of availing this option ranges from AUD 119 per month. The first trial month is free!


It is not easy to find a coworking space which provides you with so many benefits at such a low cost. With flexible memberships, you can choose an option best suited to your working schedule. Servcorp Brisbane makes work easier and more fun. It connects you with a big community of professionals who can help you market your ideas.

For all those finding the best place to work, this should be your destination. Servcorp Brisbane does not compromise on quality and will only give you the best! With stunning interiors and well-trained staff, you will find it difficult to say no to this place. Sign up today!

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