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Nous House Brisbane is a bright and charming coworking space. This space is home to a diverse range of businesses. And they have freelancers to startups and bigger firms to call members. The setup and the staff are all very professional. So at this location, you might be working alongside lawyers, accountants, financiers, coders, etc. Thus you will have all the right set of people that can be instrumental in setting up your venture. As a matter of fact, you will always get a vibe to accomplish something. Something big and better.

The Nous House Brisbane coworking space is a part of the Nous Group. The group is actually a well-known management consultancy firm. In fact, all the coworking spaces are located beside the Nous Group offices in excellent buildings in CBD areas. This is, in fact, a great advantage for the coworking community. As they get to meet many new and old professionals. Besides the growing their knowledge base with respect to new and upcoming businesses. Moreover, Nous Group has aptly put their years of experience with clients into creating a space that befits all.

Amenities at Nous House Brisbane

Nous House offers loads of amenities to its members. These include,

  • Reception Service: They have a professional receptionist at the front desk.
  • Fast Speed Internet: The coworking spaces and offices, all have access to high-speed internet and wifi.
  • 24/7 Access: Brisbane’s Nous House is 24/7 accessible by the dedicated desk and private office members.
  • Meeting Rooms: They have a variety of Meeting Rooms. Besides, they follow fair use policy so whenever they are free, you don’t have to pay.
  • Networking Events: They also hold multiple networking events, so that members can make maximum connections.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen here has all the equipment, including fridge, microwave etc.
  • Snacks and Beverages: They also have plenty of snacks besides, unlimited tea and coffee for uninterrupted workflow.
  • Utilities: You will also be able to access all general office equipment like printers, scanners, etc.
  • Lockable Storage: Members of dedicated and private office spaces get access to lockable storage spaces. Where they can keep their valuables safe.
  • Business Address: The business address of Nous House Brisbane can also be used by members as their own business address. This facility is again available for all members, except those with house pass.
  • End of Trip Facilities: Those traveling to the office on foot or on a bicycle can get fresh via a quick shower.
  • Breakout Spaces: Whenever fatigue grips you or you can come to the breakout lounge area. In this space, you can chat with a fellow coworker over coffee or even bring your laptop and continue working.

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Nous House Brisbane Membership Plans

Nous House offers flexible monthly memberships. Wherein members are not locked into contracts and are free to leave at

Hot Desks

For casual access to the coworking space at Nous House Brisbane, they have House Passes. Besides, there are different passes depending upon the number of times you want to use their space. Moreover, with a house pass, you will get access to a hot desk in an open plan seating. These are temporary desks and on each visit, you will have to find a vacant desk. Though, apart from these casual day passes are also available. The price (exclusive of GST) of house passes are,

  • $500: for unlimited access to the hot desk area.
  • $300: for up to 10 visits to coworking space in a month.
  • $200: for only four or fewer visits per month.

Dedicated Desks

You may also go for a dedicated desk in the coworking setup of Nous House Brisbane. The price of dedicated desks starts from $550 (ex GST) per month. These desks are permanent for members of this plan. So unlike a hot desk, you will no have to look around for an unoccupied desk. You can come straight to a desk that is allotted to you for your agreement period. Moreover, these desks have lockable storage spaces. Wherein you can leave behind your valuables and access them on your next visit. Apart from setting up your equipment on the desk. Also, the desks in different locations within the space have different prices. This is for the reason that some desks like that with a window view are more in demand. So, they naturally come at a higher price than a desk in the buzzing interior.

Private Offices

The price of Private offices begins at the amount of $1300 (ex GST) per month. These have glass wall enclosures and are fully furnished spaces. They have desks and chars, in addition to lockable storage, whiteboards etc. Such that they are ready to move in anytime. Though you can also call for customisation to suit your needs. The offices at Nous House Brisbane have the capacity for 1 to 5 member teams. Furthermore, these spaces are secure, besides being 24/7 accessible. In fact, you can even put up signage of your company.


The virtual package is a game changer for professionals and businesses operating from residential locations. With this plan, you can use any or all of the four Nous House addresses as your own business address. That too without setting up an office or even renting a desk. In fact, if you choose all the locations of Nous House, you can build a national presence for your business. Furthermore, you can put up their address anywhere and everywhere for your business. The price (ex GST) for virtual membership is,

  • $80: for 1 address
  • $155: for 2 addresses
  • $230: for 3 addresses
  • $305: for all four addresses

Nous House Brisbane Location & Map

Brisbane Nous House Coworking

Address: Level 12, 259 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Nous House Brisbane, is in the 16 level MacArthur Central Shopping Centre building. This space gets plenty of natural daylight and a nice view of the bustling CBD area. The MacArthur Central has sufficient parking space at basement level (with lift access). To be preferably booked in advance for discounted fares. With the Central Station at only 5-minute walking distance, this location has many bus stops in the vicinity. The Domestic and International Brisbane Airports are just half an hour away by car and 20 minutes by AirTrain.

On a short stroll from Nous House Brisbane, you will find Eagle Street Pier which has around 15 premium eateries. Including Cha Cha Char (Brisbane’s signature steakhouse), The Bavarian (a corporate lunch hotspot), and many more. Gresham Lane is another street lined with fantastic restaurants and cafe spots. Perfect fit for your client lunches or professional coffee meetups! Additionally, for fitness freaks, the Fitness First Gym at 300 Elizabeth Street, is just a short walk away. And if you are not a gym junkie, walk along Brisbane’s popular City Reach Boardwalk. Besides, the lovely view of Story Bridge (especially in the evening) will freshen up your spirit.

Call at + 61 7 3007 0877 to schedule a visit or for any queries. Alternatively, you may send an email to [email protected]


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Nous House Brisbane coworking space has an additional locational advantage. Because their energy-driven spaces are in an equally dynamic MacArthur Central Shopping Centre. Besides, another benefit is the flexibility they offer on memberships. And not to mention the excellent opportunities you get to expand your business network. Therefore, it is time for you to move out of your home office. And give your venture a professional space, identity and clientele. And if you are a small team, it’s a good way undergoing collective growth.

So when are you visiting Nous House coworking in Brisbane?

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