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You must be wondering what is Little Tokyo Two doing in Brisbane, well, someone must have told you that the world is round. Nonetheless, the story of this coworking space is exciting and it will make you go aww! This coworking space used to be a restaurant and the owner was about to close this place. Circumstances led her to part with the restaurant and when the new owner Jack came to know about the reason and the importance of Little Tokyo for Michiko, he decided to stay with this name.

Like every coworking space Little Tokyo Two has a lot to offer and at the very core of their motive is to help everyone succeed at all costs. Set in 5 cities the community culture at this coworking space is supportive, collaborative and trustworthy. They aim to make work fun and engaging with the members, at LT2 you will find a whole community of like-minded people. The distinct culture of LT2 has allowed the owners to expand in 5 location within two years of inaugurating the first coworking space in Spring Hill.

What will follow is a brief introduction to all the locations of Little Tokyo Two, a collaborative membership plan informatory. Along with this, we will provide a list of all the amenities and perks that come with your membership.

Little Tokyo Two Locations

Little Tokyo is a prominent coworking space in Australia with a presence in 2 cities – Brisbane and Gold Coast. Let us dig deeper into Little Tokyo Tow and get to know each of their locations.

Little Tokyo Brisbane

The coworking space has got over 5 different locations within Brisbane.

Spring Hill 


This is where it all started, a restaurant turned into a coworking space. One thing that stayed was the name and the ambiance. The Japanese people are revered to be hardworking and smart, so you will find a similar ecosystem in Little Tokyo Two Spring Hill. This location serves the dual purpose, to rev up your mind and to force you to think, there are the environment and the community creating an innovative ecosystem. But when it comes to calming your taste buds, the in-house Italian restaurant will do the job perfectly. Choose from a number of hot desks, offices or shared desks, Spring Hill has everything you want from a vibrant office.

Address: 365 Turbot Street Spring Hill Queensland, Australia.

Coworking at Petrie Terrace


Every entrepreneur and startup requires an invigorating environment to work and think. Little Tokyo Two Petrie Terrace is another thriving coworking hub which is a part of the same community culture as Spring Hill. The owners pitch this location as an essential for all startups because of the sitting and event spaces available here. Added to this the Petrie Terrace location will help you build your network and give you a nurturing environment to build and scale your business. The distinctive interiors and an ample amount of light make this place a natural therapy for thinking and concentration.

Address: 22 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Little Tokyo – Springfield


Brisbane’s home grown coworking space Little Tokyo Two has further expanded their reach and opened up yet another coworking space in the city. There is nothing better than operating from World Knowledge Centre, think about the ocean of opportunities which you can leverage for your benefit. From engaging events to mind-boggling interiors you will get everything that one can desire from his/her office. This coworking space is located at a walkable distance from the education city train station, hence, commuting is easy and affordable.

Address: Level 3/37 Sinnathamby Blvd, Springfield Central Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Little Tokyo Two – The Capital

From astounding setup to mesmerizing interiors you will find everything at Little Tokyo Two The Capital coworking space. You will meet a number of innovators, creatives and entrepreneurs working their way up at this location. From idea generation to execution, you can achieve everything you want, the only limitation is your imagination. With this idea at the back of their mind, the community culture at the latest location in the city has once again proved to a worthy competitor for other coworking spaces. Most importantly you will find state of the art facilities at The Capital which are built just to ignite your neurons. Added to this, The Capital Hill is an initiative of the Brisbane City Council.

Address: Level 4/155 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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SLQ Business Studio

Little Tokyo Two realizes the importance of the right guidance and an intelligent decision making to run a business. That is why they have partnered up with the State Library Queensland and provide legitimate and supportive guidance for you through their in house entrepreneurs. This location is necessary who are still in the limbo about deciding whether to leave your comfort zone and start their own business. And for all those enthusiasts who have taken the first step but need to ask directions going forward. You will meet many like-minded lone wolves, innovators, CEO’s who also are the owners of a startup and are looking for or to give further advise. It is centrally located in the SLQ building and you will have access to a gamut of research papers, market information, business planning strategies and much more. Consider it as a coworking space but only the first timers and stuck in the limbo young entrepreneurs.

 Address: SLQ Business Studio, Cultural Precinct, Stanley PI, South Brisbane, QLD.   

Little Tokyo Gold Coast

Gold Coast is located an hour away from Brisbane, we have added another coworking space run by the same organization.

Gold Coast Innovation Hub

With this location, Little Tokyo Two went up a notch and is providing an environment which is desired by every aspiring entrepreneur. With the help of Queensland government and the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, the Gold Coast coworking space is much more than a normal working space. The owners have introduced this space to help all the young and small businesses grow and scale higher than ever before. The open doors policy of the community will assist you and encourage you to follow your dreams and help you fulfill them. The Gold Coast Innovation Hub is a mix of 20 partners which are at the forefront of driving Gold Coast’s digital economy.

Address: 36 Laver Dr, Robina, Queensland, Australia.

Amenities / Perks at Little Tokyo Two

  • See if you can work on the comfortable couches placed all around the space. It’s going to be a challenge.
  • Be a part of the enormous talent pool consisting of CEO’s, coders, developers, designers, and whatnot.
  • Bring your meetings to impressively cultivated rooms built especially for this purpose.
  • Never miss a mail with the robust service at all the locations.
  • Except for the Spring Hill space, all of them are accessible 24*7.
  • Members can have access to the exclusive bike parking areas at The Capital, and Spring Hill.
  • You can have free tea, coffee, and snacks anywhere anytime.
  • It’s time for a cold beer, well, open the fridge and enjoy yourself.
  • The cumulative network of Little Tokyo Two has more than 700 companies as their members.
  • Be a part of thriving events at the Spring Hill and The Capital.

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Little Tokyo Two Membership Plans

Little Tokyo has intricately tailored their plans to give the best worth of your money. Their plans range from the hot desk membership to Scale Stage plan. With every succeeding stage, you will have access to a higher number of services and benefits. From professional assistance to hiring and board development, working with Little Tokyo Two is much more than just developing, it is developing with a purpose. Their plans are staged as per your progress and when you will complete the first stage it is time to level up.

Starting Stage Plan: this plan is aimed at lone startups operators, small companies looking to go digital and for those who have stepped into entrepreneurship after breaking the shackles of corporate life. You will get a hot desk at $160 per fortnight with this plan. To rev up your business or startup you can gain from the monthly business workshops, a 15-minute call every two weeks from the advisor will help you clear all the doubts. Be a part of the invaluable community and get a chance to use unlimited resources and frameworks. This plan is considered best for those who are looking to raise $100,000 in revenue per annum. They provide 7-day access to your new office under this plan.


Early Stage Plan: ready to get your own dedicated desk? This means that the stakes have increased and you are ready to shed $330 every fortnight. The next stage aims to develop those companies which are looking to scale and expand their business. Come join Little Tokyo Two if you and your team think that the time is right to make a name for yourself. They have witnessed various corporate employees previously working at higher positions become a member under this plan and leverage from growth hacking procedures. Be a part of the monthly business workshops, you will have a full hour to discuss your plan and gain advice from an advisor every week. The early stage plan is best suited for those who are looking to raise $500,000 in the capital every year.

Growth Stage Plan: It seems like you are growing and building a team. Well, this plan will get you a 4 person office in $1100 per fortnight. When the stakes are high you need to tread carefully hence, with this plan you will gain access to workshops after every two weeks. The management will help you in hiring the best talent, the advisor meeting time will be 2 hours per week, and professional services at no extra cost. Only the growth stage plan will give you the freedom and permission to join the Little Tokyo Two social events. Learn how to build a team culture, the strategies that will help you reduce the expenditure and lets you focus on what’s more important. If we talk about the capital, your aim should be to achieve $1,500,000 per annum in revenue.

Scale Stage Plan: reaching this stage is not a piece of cake, it takes time, intricate grooming and collective hard work. The next stage is where you will need an 8 person office and this means that things are about to get serious because after this stage the sky is your limit. After spending $2200 per fortnight you will be able to gain support with regards to sales, workforce, scaling, future strategy and expert advice. From board placement to hiring assistance to business development blueprint you can gain a lot with this plan. The Scale stage plan by Little Tokyo Two is best suited for local companies looking to go national, and enterprise teams aiming to scale up and commercialize. The per annum revenue target increases further to $3,000,000.

Launch Program: consider this as skipping the runway and directly teleport to the stage where you take off directly. The Launch Program consists of workshops which are held periodically in different locations. In these workshops, you will be able to learn about what all is required to launch and ‘not start’ your startup. You have an idea but do not know how to build it into a business, or you are ready to launch your product this program is what you need to succeed in both.

Digital membership: not ready to launch, don’t worry, Little Tokyo Two has introduced a monthly digital membership program. Under the digital membership which comes at the cost of $49 per fortnight, you will be able to become a part of accelerator programs and gain insights from an enormous talent pool. Plus you will also get a chance to consult the expert advisory committee.

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After reading this article you will come to know that Little Tokyo Two is not just a coworking space. But it is also an enabler which works to help the members gain a lot more than simple community culture. There are experts available to steer you in the right direction, there are workshops, seminars, classes and most importantly the management assistance for hiring and other board placement support. One can infer from these services that your chances at being successful in your venture will increase substantially once you are a part of this coworking space.

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