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Simplicity, flexibility, and impactfulness. That’s what Gravity coworking Brisbane is all about. But apart from its premium services, the CBD location is an enviable business address. Probably that’s the reason, Gravity had an interesting 2018 in terms of ownership. For those who missed the news, ‘The Gravity’ was taken over by ‘Naked Hub’, in January 2018. But soon after, The Naked Hub was acquired by none other than ‘WeWork’. Making WeWork, the current owner of all the Gravity offices in Australia. Talking about We Work, rebranded as ‘The We Company’, is a fast expanding coworking giant. With this acquisition, the Gravity spaces have garnered much more demand among coworkers.

The Gravity coworking Brisbane workplace can help your business flourish. Filled with energy and potential, the environment catalysis the conversion of ideas into reality. And, gradually into profitable breakthroughs. Coming under the folds of WeWork, the place has got an additional advantage of a global business community. Plus, it has an enhanced culture and refurbished space for you to operate from. So are you looking for a place where your ideas can germinate into reality? The Gravity coworking spaces will be a suitable candidate. Read further, to know what else Gravity can offer you and your business.

Perks of Coworking at Gravity Brisbane

The Gravity coworking facilities at the WeWork 140 Creek street has top-notch amenities. All are placed to let you run your business in an environment devoid of stress and unfair overheads. Go through the below-listed perks of being a Gravity member.

  • Private Booths: Gravity spaces have soundproof Private Booths for retaining the confidentiality of all your professional conversations, via audio or video. So no one disturbs you in the middle of your interviews or business dealings.
  • Onsite Kitchen: fully equipped with chilled/ sparkling water, besides Tea and Coffee service. So you may enjoy micro-roasted coffee. Or perhaps delicious fruit-water during work or client greetings, to stay fresh through the day.
  • Boardrooms: Free access to Boardroom spaces, which are fully serviced with AV equipment.
  • Internet: Free access to iiNet powered unlimited and super speed fibre optic internet and wifi connection.
  • Printing: Free B&W printing service for A4 and A3 sizes. Besides enterprise-grade general office equipment.
  • Security: 24/7 key card accessible, fully air-conditioned facilities. Plus, the offices have Lockable Storage spaces to safe keep your expensive docs and equipment.
  • Monthly Events: Plenty of networking opportunities, especially through multiple socio-professional events at Gravity coworking Brisbane offices.
  • Signage: Businesses can opt for personalized Brand Signage facility. So you may designate your space as yours.
  • Concierge: Experience great hospitality at Gravity, by the Onsite Concierge service team.
  • End of trip Facilities: The Gravity has two dedicated Showers for members, with Towel service. So, getting fresh when back from a business trip is now feasible in the office itself. The dry-clean service will also be of use.
  • Accessibility: The building also has high-speed lifts. And is thus suitable for disabled members and visitors. This includes an open lounge area as well.
  • Community Portal: You may also access the WeWork’s Community Portal. It will give you exclusive access the many ideas and experiences. In addition to the experts at the Global WeWork locations.
  • Mail and Package Handling: You will have the service of efficient mail and package handling staff.
  • Parking: You may park your car in the street. Or in a secure Parking facility, just a couple of minutes away at the Post Office Square. Besides Bike Racks are also available at the location.
  • Bring your movables: Missing your favourite recliner you left at home? Though fully furnished, WeWork allows members to bring in their own furniture and stuff to personalize their space. Except that no tangible changes to the premises are permitted.




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Gravity Brisbane – Membership Plans

The Gravity coworking Brisbane now via the WeWork membership is full of opportunities to the brim. The membership plans are designed in a way that you focus only on your business. While the awesome WeWork team takes care of everything else. WeWork offers four membership options. These are,

We Membership

A simple WeWork membership grants you access to the 60,000 plus active WeWork community around the globe. This is possible through the WeWork mobile app. Apart from the multiple events, you can be a part of to grab the networking opportunities. Please contact WeWork for the We Membership plan price.

Hot Desks

Hot desks are temporary desks, in an open plan coworking area. The hot desk membership at Gravity coworking Brisbane areas, allows you to bring your laptop,. Then grab a vacant seat and hit off your work routine. Thus, Every day in shared space gets you a new desk, beside a new coworking neighbour to start off a connection. So, such facilities are most suitable for remote workers, freelancers, startups and even smaller businesses. The hot desk membership is available at the starting price of AUD 450 (ex GST) per month, per person.

Dedicated Desks

The dedicated desks, as the name suggests will be a fixed or permanent desk, once you choose the spot. It will be all yours for the life of your membership term. So you won’t have to hunt down a desk every day. And even leave behind your equipment and stuff in the lockable storage. A dedicated desk is available at the starting price of AUD 750 (ex GST) per month, per desk.

Private Offices

These are available for smaller or bigger corporates who need office spaces for their teams, anywhere between 1-100 or beyond. Many larger businesses have also started availing this option. Thanks to the cost saving and headache saving features of this membership. The private offices are lockable spaces with all the furniture. These are ready to move in, 24/7 accessible spaces and also fitted with lockable storage. For pricing info on private office spaces, please contact WeWork at [email protected] with your requirements.

Location and Contact

Gravity Coworking Brisbane

140 Creek Street is a 25 level, A-grade corporate building. The Gravity coworking location is close to the beautiful Brisbane river. The building has 5 Star NABER rating. The CBD located office space has been recently refurbished by WeWork, after the acquisition. It is being fitted with better air conditioning, lifts, etc,  besides on the floor renovation of services and amenities. Coming to public transport, the building is located at a 3-minute walk from the Central Train Station. And 250 m from the riverside CityCat Ferry terminal. While the Ann Street Bus stop is at just 54 yards. Distance. Also, the car Parking is available at the Post Office Square parking facility. It is merely a 2-minute walk.

For any other queries, contact WeWork at [email protected]  

Mailing Address: Level 6, 140 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000.


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Do you know why Gravity coworking Brisbane premises attract so many high-end entrepreneurs and businesses? It’s because the place has wonderfully amalgamated work and luxury. In fact, everything from the premises, support staff, members and the ambiance are growth laden. Besides. the additions brought along by WeWork have added a class to the aura of coworking here. Also, the monthly membership plans keep room for your future growth needs. There is certainly something empowering about the space. Which you can experience once you are a part of it.

Gravity coworking culture has attracted many businesses and entrepreneurs who made a difference under its roof. The WeWork acquisition has only added another feather to its hat. Which is, the feather of global connectivity. The onus is on you to get the most out of this amazing community. They are also one of the leading coworking destinations in the Queensland capital. Thus your business gets an impressive address. Furthermore, your postal mails and stuff will be taken care of professionally. And all you’ll be left with is to concentrate on your business and its growth. So what’s still stopping you? Schedule your visit today.

Here is a message posted by Gravity Coworking Brisbane stating that Gravity Coworking is now owned and operated by WeWork Australia.

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