Entrepreneur Haus, Brisbane – Coworking Perks & Membership Plans

‘Awesome!’ Is the one word that best describes the Entrepreneur Haus coworking space in South Brisbane. The location, architecture, green spaces, natural lighting, people – everything about this place is spot on. If you are working individually or a startup/ small business looking for a location that’s flexible and supports innovation, here it is. And once you are a part of this unique space, your perspectives and goals are bound to change and expand, respectively. The open workspace, culture driven environment, like-minded people, industry nights etc offer plenty of networking opportunities. Being a part of Entrepreneur Haus community can earn you many friends, mentors, partners, and of course – a constant inspiration to grow.

If you have already been to other coworking spaces, a surprise awaits you at Entrepreneur Haus. Know why? This space is off the league! The creators have actually applied a lot of intelligence and creativity in designing it. An old warehouse and huge shipping containers have been flawlessly remodelled into a place that stands on and inspires innovation. This reflects in the ever-buzzing energy of this warm and natural corporate setting. It’s got a casual work area, private offices, stand-up and sit-down desks, Media/ Meeting/ Boardrooms and even an outside garden area. And in case you need anything more from the place? The owner Daniel, who is also a mentor and business strategist, will be happy to help.

What makes Entrepreneur Haus stand out?

This coworking space is built upon the science of ‘ergonomics’, which studies the relation between work-efficiency and work-environment. The converted warehouse space still retains its hard industrial feel though softened by hues of natural light and greenery. The bicycles adorning the wall-fitted bike racks with an in-parked Audi lend it a sporty touch. The spaciousness motivates bigger and better thinking, while the culture is that of mutual growth. This place is equipped with all the right tools you need to take your brand forward. But that’s not it! Come let’s dig further into the uniqueness of this space.

Creative Office Spaces

The lockable offices at Entrepreneur Haus have actually repurposed shipping containers. The spaciousness is left uncompromised with sliding glass doors and purpose-built desks. Custom made furniture is available for the timber floored Office Spaces to suit its inhabitants. And though the entire premises is fully air-conditioned, each office is equipped with individual AC units for added ventilation freedom. Plus, there’s a customisable spotlighting option for the office occupants.

A Spacious Shared Area

Entrepreneur Haus offers a silicon valley styled, open, comfortable and trendy working space. It has a casual shared area suitable for those who need to use the facility on an irregular basis. It is adorned with high stools, couch area, USB charging stations et cetera. So, whether you are an artist in need of a wide table to create a piece of art while standing or a lousy soul who needs a comfy couch to work, you will get it all here.

The Earth Elements

The place is fitted with energy-saving LED lights, plus skylights and rear windows to bring in plenty of natural light. Saving you from the unnecessary eye strains and keeping in touch with nature’s clock. The roof is ceramic coated to retain and reflect heat in the interiors and keeps the place nice and warm, naturally. Moreover, the interiors are adorned with live plants to retain the freshness of both – the mind and body of its inhabitants.

The Furnishings

The furniture at Entrepreneur Haus is not the usual off the shelf one like in other coworking spaces. It is purpose built from high-quality materials to ensure that form-meets-function. The creators have laid focus on using wooden features, which surely pleases the eye. Apart from the stand-up and sit-down desks, the casual seating area has high stools for good posture and better work focus. The entire furniture is mobile, in case the setting needs a resetting.

The Mezzanine Deck

Another offbeat architectural feature of this place is the Mezzanine Deck workspace. FYI, Mezzanine decks are intermediate floors, just like a balcony in a theatre. These Decks give an elegant bird’s eye view of the entire premises. They are furnished with lower ergonomic office chairs and purpose-built desks, with separate areas for permanent office spaces. Thus, with the combination of high and low seating areas, they have smartly added more space and flexibility at the venue.

To Relax and Refresh

The Entrepreneur Haus space is designed to be a fun and relaxing workplace. It has a fully accessorized kitchen which is beautifully crafted, yea right, in a repurposed shipping container. The Kitchenette and dining area is specifically designed to help you relax and keep in touch with the mind-body-soul balance. You may also choose to relax/work in their open zen garden area.

Tech Featured Business Operations

Entrepreneur Haus is a tech-smart coworking space, fully equipped with the latest technology office hardware like scanners, printers projectors etc. Apart from the Casual shared work area and office spaces, the place has open Meeting Spaces, Board Rooms, Event Space, plus a mobile Media Centre / Studio Room for Media, Photography, Presentation etc. All designed to meet diverse user needs. Rest assured of experiencing seamless business in this building!


Other Amenities at Entrepreneur Haus

Now that you have read about the interiors of the space, let’s go through some of the other amenities offered by Entrepreneur Haus Brisbane.

  • Entrepreneur Haus is open from 7:00 – 18:00, Monday – Friday for casual members and visitors. But is 24/7 accessible under the full monthly membership plans?
  • It has High-Speed Internet, Mail Services and code accessibility option for members.
  • There are Bold Signage and Caption options for businesses to display their identity within the space.
  • Availability of Lockable Storage facility to safe keep your belongings. Allowing you to leave your equipment behind and continue the next day.
  • Entrepreneur Haus is a secure and clean place where you’d love to come every other day.
  • This South Brisbane location for coworking facilitates 2 Hours street parking area across the street for Entrepreneur Haus, besides a $16.00 all day parking at Cultural Centre. They also offer driveway parking for visitors, which must be organised in advance through a phone call.
  • The place has a wide hallway/ entrance and is Wheelchair accessible for all members and visitors.

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Entrepreneur Haus Membership Plans

Coming to the Membership part, Entrepreneur Haus knows how to build a lasting relationship with all its members. For this it offers flexible month to month terms and honours long term members with special discounts. (The membership plans discussed in this article are in fact introductory rates for the first 6 months.) They offer five different membership plans, namely, Permanent Space, Separate Offices, Casual Coworking Space, Virtual offices and The Studio Room. Let me walk you through them in detail along with pricing.

Permanent Space

This membership is suitable for solo workers who need a permanent desk where they can come and start off their work, without the daily hassle of finding a seat or carrying their machines etc.

Priced at $350.00 (excluding GST) per seat per month, this membership provides access to a lockable (swipe access) seating area. Here you will get priority/fixed custom desk space wherein you can safely leave behind your gadgets and stuff. 24-hour access to Lockable Storage, USB Charging Station, Onsite Mailbox, plus unlimited area access, are also included in this membership.

Separate Offices

If you are a small team who either seek a private or a quiet space that offers a comfy place to work, a separate office will meet your need. Entrepreneur Haus offers four private Office Spaces on a monthly rent of $1490.00 (excluding GST) per office per month. The separate office is a comfortable space for a team of up to 3 people. These Office Spaces are safe to leave behind your expensive equipment as they are secured with 24-hour swipe card access. As mentioned earlier, the office spaces have individual AC units, custom made furniture etc. with unlimited area access and mailbox services at no extra cost.

Casual Coworking Space

For Hop-on Hop-off professionals who need a workspace on an irregular/ need basis; or for those who need the flexible work desk but a permanent membership is beyond their budget, go for the Casual Coworking Space Membership. Through this membership, you can sit anywhere in the high stool adorned casual working space areas, Breakout couch area or the open Zen Garden. These areas though will be accessible only between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and at three pricing options.

For a Single day usage, you will have to shell out $35.00 (excluding GST) per day.

But at $129.00 (excluding GST) per month, you can access these areas on any 9 days of the month.

If you need the facilities for more than 9 days in a month or are not sure of the number of days you might need Entrepreneur Haus facilities, go for the Unlimited roamer access at $250.00 (excluding GST) per month. In Unlimited Roamer, you can use the Casual Coworking space up to an entire month.


Virtual offices

If you are a work at home entrepreneur or a business without a registered corporate address your clients might have faced some confusion while locating you on online maps. In this case, the Entrepreneur Haus Virtual Office Membership is meant just for you. The Virtual Office will, as the name suggests, act as the virtual address for your business. You can list 29 Merivale St, South Brisbane venue as your corporate address, without being physically present or even renting a single desk. They will receive mails from your clients, forward them to your listed address and vice versa. You can avail this membership at $90.00 (ex GST) per month.

Please note that Virtual Office facility is automatically made available for monthly members.

The Studio Room

This place also houses a dual purpose room that acts as a Studio/ Media or a Meeting Room. This can serve the purpose of your business meetings and presentations, or a photography studio, or for any similar purpose as demanded by your business. The Studio Room must preferably be booked in advance or even on the day depending upon its availability. The Studio Room is available at the rate of $25.00 per hour for members, while non-member guest can access them at $50.00 per hour.

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Location and Contact

Located at 29 Merivale St, South Brisbane, QLD 4101, Entrepreneur Haus is conveniently located near cafes, bars, parking facilities and public transit. Its Kabebari batten clad, made in Japan front facade is boastfully attractive in the entire street and a gives a good idea of what’s waiting inside. Based in the heart of South Brisbane, the location is a budding hub for startups in the south side, thanks to its direct road connection with CBD.

If you are a budding south side based startup, entrepreneur or professional, take my tip- this place will suit you best. Give them a call at +61 412 764 845 or email your queries at [email protected] and book your visit.

Website: http://www.entrepreneurhaus.com

In the face of low waged and insecure jobs, along with the yearning for professional freedom, more and more people are exploring the solo way. Subsequently, many coworking spaces have mushroomed in all major cities of the world, Brisbane is no exception. But many turn out to be yet another quiet and boring workplace. And that’s why we chose to introduce you to this off track coworking space in South Brisbane. Entrepreneur Haus especially attracts start-ups and entrepreneurs to be a part of a community that is all about sharing and growing in an exciting backdrop. It organises regular events for mentoring and business strategy discussions – much needed by the start-up cadre.

In a nutshell, the Entrepreneur Haus space is perfectly designed to be both efficient and comfy. The out of the box interiors motivate you to think out of the box as well. Created to bring together like-minded people who collaborate and help each other, it has witnessed the growth of multiple startups. Many have actually outgrown the space. The work culture here is completely anti the cutthroat mentality and encourages a close-knit community where people share their stories and learn from each other’s experiences.

Are you still reading? Stop! Pack your stuff and go visit the 29 Merivale St venue. Bon Voyage!

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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