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Everything about WOTSO Workspace Adelaide

The WOTSO coworking spaces are the adamant followers of an enabling office ecosystem. They have been providing vibrant and cohesive coworking spaces like WOTSO Adelaide across the country. Until now WOTSO is operating in 5 cities and has set up shop in 13 locations. Coworking spaces are redefining the office culture and WOTSO is at the forefront of this redefinition. They have flexible membership plans, you can choose from a gamut of desk and office spaces. The meeting rooms and on-site studios add glamour to your workspace along with providing a medium to enhance your creativity.

WOTSO Workspace Adelaide is housed in a heritage building and it has an open terrace which is reserved exclusively for WOTSO members. The building is located on the Flinders Street nearby to the Adelaide CBD. This is the place where history meets modernity and they both make a perfect mix of astounding interiors and an invigorating environment. You can choose from virtual offices to hot desks to private offices. All in all, they cater to all the necessities of an office and paint it with a coat of creativity and present the perfect spot to work and have fun.

Location & Contact:

WOTSO Adelaide

The coworking space “WOTSO” is located at 217-219 Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

The phone number is 08 7477 7666.

There are two nearby parking spots to WOTSO Adelaide. One is at 191-207 Pirie Street and the other is at 218-224 Flinders Street. If you are commuting by bus get off at Stop H1 Wakefield Street- North Side or Stop S1 Wakefield Street- South Side. The nearest train station is Adelaide Station.

Web: https://wotso.com/

Perks & Amenities at WOTSO Adelaide

One of the best features of this coworking space is that it has an open roof which can be used by the members for relaxing breakouts or work. Added to this there are several other perks and benefits:

  • Members can drop in and out of their office 24*7.
  • Time for a mini-snack, the kitchen is filled with several goodies for those who like to eat something after every minute.
  • Never miss an important mail, the original one. The staff will notify you as it arrives.
  • There are funky private booths to attend personal and private calls.
  • The concierge services for the members are there to assist them while working.
  • There is ample amount of parking space on-site or in the associated parking areas nearby.
  • Bring in your dog if you want, nobody will bat an eye. WOTSO Adelaide is dog-friendly.
  • Give some relief to your bums, work on the standing desks instead. They are good for health too.
  • Any time is the right time for a beer. Enjoy a cold beer or wine from the in-house bar.
  • Members at this Adelaide WOTSO location can also freshen up with a hot or cold shower.

WOTSO Adelaide Interiors

When we say that the interiors can make a lot of difference in driving the mind in the right direction is absolutely correct for WOTSO Workspace Adelaide. You can observe the serene white background all over the space and added to it the little touch of nature. The meeting rooms are specially built to house up to 20 people and they are complemented with motivational and encouraging murals and posters. Lastly, the common areas have an enormous space to fit a number of people and have a casual conversation.





Membership Plans

There are various kinds of plans available for you at WOTSO Adelaide, these are desk plans, office plans and meeting or event room space plans.

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The Desk plans:

Daily/Casual Drop-in: The per day cost for this plan is $50, and you can pay-as-you-go to obtain a pass. In this, you will get a workspace desk, free refreshments from the kitchen, internet, access to breakout areas and entertainment centres and access to meeting rooms. You can only access the workspace during the work hours.

Hotdesking: The Hotdesking plans at Adelaide’s WOTSO start at $220 per month and you can enjoy a lot more perks than the casual membership. Most importantly you will get a WOTSO passport which can be used to enter any WOTSO run coworking space anywhere in the world. Added to this the hotdesking plan will get you all the perks given in casual membership plus access to all the community events.

Permanent Desk: the last desk space plan starts from $330 a month. With this plan, you will get a WOTSO passport to access any other location. The permanent desk will give an added feature over the hotdesking plan and that is a secure storage locker. Both the hotdesking and permanent desk plans will give you 24*7 access to WOTSO workspace Adelaide.

Office Plans: they have exclusive office spaces for the members. The prices and rental for these offices can only be obtained after contacting the management. We will update the rates on this portal once WOTSO shares them with us.

Meeting and Event spaces: these spaces can be loaned from WOTSO on an hourly basis. For these, you will have to contact the management.

Of all the coworking spaces in Adelaide WOTSO is gaining a lot of ground and expanding rapidly. They aim to build an everlasting office culture in the country which helps you focus, concentrate and at the same time have some fun at work.

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