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The Mill Adelaide is not just another coworking space with desks and kiosks made to work. It is a new concept operating in Adelaide and presents an opportunity for creatives and artists to collaborate, integrate and work together in studios and spaces. The founders Amber Cronin and Erin Fowler created this concept to become the middle ground for visual arts, movement dance and theatre. So basically it is a place where artists and choreographers can come and work together to create something new, something different. The incubator model on which it works enables artists and creatives to exhibit their art and performance on a common platform.

This space works with a concept where there are associate artists from various backgrounds residing in the workspace. To create a fusion work the associated artists can come and join them in the same workspace to develop and earn an opportunity to represent themselves. This is the best place for struggling artists who need a platform to jump-start their career and leverage through networking. Above all, The Mill Adelaide has garnered full support of the South Australian government through the Arts South Australia association. Plus they are also associated with various national and international artistic communities and associations.

Location and Contact

Adelaide The Mill Coworking

This collaborative space is located on the corner of Gunson Street and Angas Street at 154 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia. The Angas Street house various other stores and restaurants, so there is no dearth of spots to relax for a bit.

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The Mill Adelaide Programs

By the virtue of being an artistic workspace, The Mill Adelaide provides some programs that will help the members grow in their respective fields.

Associate Artists: this is where you can focus on your creative intent and also rest assured that it will be valued. The Associate artists program provides you with the community support a chance to bloom with your talent in CBD. You will work in a dedicated space where you can collaborate and integrate with other artists to create your masterpiece.

The Breakout Residencies: well suited for performing artists this program allows you to explore your style and perform with the resident artists. There are a lot of sponsored performances of which you can be a part and also earn an honorarium from The Mill Adelaide. There are three plans under this program, the free residency, Spotlight Residency and Back Porch Theatre Residency. To enter through one of these plans you need to apply here first.

Writers in Residency: The writing program will bring you face to face with the nuances of the art of writing. Under this program, you will be able to spend 6-12 months at The Mill Adelaide and allow you to write on 6 pieces, which will culminate into one publication. The major focus of this program is on arts writing and creative writing.

Engage: this is basically a paradise program for dance artists. The Mill Adelaide runs Engage with the partnership of Dancehouse and Critical Path to integrate national dance talent into one place. The artists selected under this program can attend Dance House and Critical Path workshops.

Spaces at The Mill Adelaide:

Being an incubator they also provide a few spaces aimed at bringing people together under one roof and work with each other.

Artist Studios: this space is best for the followers of visual artists and will allow you to work in your own space 24*7. The whole environment is artistic and you will be able to work effortlessly due to the amenities and tools kept at your disposal. From woodworking to ceramics and to photography, you can do whatever you want in your studio. The minimum period of lease is three months.

Creative Industry Spaces: coming out of the single person workstation, the sort of “private offices” are also offered here. The Mill Adelaide allows you and your team to work on a creative project ranging from graphic designing to a tattoo studio. You will have your separate workstation with 24*7 access.

Exhibition Space: through The Mill Adelaide, 4 residents can present their work through the exhibition space. The residents need to gather and collect their work before presenting in the space. This will allow you to garner community support and foster development in your work with time.

The Breakout: when it’s time for rehearsal and designing the blueprint of your performance, the breakout spaces is the place to go. The Mill Adelaide provides performance teams exclusive spaces stuffed with sprung floor, acoustics, sound and lightning.





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The Mill Adelaide – Perks Amenities:

  • High-Speed internet and Wi-Fi for all the residents.
  • Exclusive cabins and workspaces that allow you to work in isolation and focus.
  • The event spaces are also available for hire.
  • The breakout zones can be customized to a performance stage housing more than 50 spectators.
  • 24*7 access to your space and cabins.
  • There is a common kitchen available on the floor.


When we try to summarise the central theme surrounding The Mill Adelaide, we can say that it is like a coworking space but for artists. This is a rather new concept in the coworking industry and somehow the founders have leveraged the concept of shared workspaces and mixed it with art. That is something artistic on its own level, won’t you say? Well, now there is a dedicated creative space available in Adelaide, which not only provides a workspace but also acts as a platform for artists.

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