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Global Connections. Premium office location. Professional support staff. Do these terms excite you? Join Servcorp Adelaide, a leading coworking provider in Australia. Coworking at Servcorp connects you to a global community of professionals. An Australia based MNC, Servcorp operates through 160 plus locations in 23 countries spread across four continents. Servcorp coworking space at Westpac House, Adelaide, being one of those prominently located office spaces. Thanks to its global outreach Servcorp has incorporated the best of the coworking practices from around the world. Each space houses world-class technology and professional support staff. They have intensely invested in technology and is evident by the unmatched IT facilities available at all their locations.

Working from the Servcorp Adelaide space is a great way of adding a power-packed introduction to any business. Servcorp is very flexible on terms and agreements, and the office spaces are tailor-made to match individual user needs. A membership with Servcorp gets you worldwide access to all Servcorp coworking spaces. They never place their own signage at any of the office locations, ensuring a more individualistic identity to the businesses operating under their roof. Members at Servcorp experience world-class community and infrastructure as seen in global corporates. They are here in Adelaide to boost your business with seamless growth opportunities.

Servcorp Adelaide Amenities & Perks

Servcorp offers state of the art amenities that give businesses an environment of growth and opportunity. These include.

  • Highest quality broadband internet and wifi services.
  • They have a business class Reception area at your and your client’s anvil.
  • Highest grade furniture, office fittings and IT infra.
  • Access to a professional support staff, including Office Manager, Personal Assistants, Secretary, IT Help etc. to look after all your business needs.
  • An optional (and paid) access to personalised Call Handling services along with a landline number.
  • CISCO powered global VOIP services, offering low-cost international calls. Mail and Courier handling services.
  • A fully accessorised kitchen with stocked fridge and a coffee spot.
  • Access to general office equipment including printers, scanners, Projectors etc.
  • Showers are available at Servcorp Adelaide.
  • Fully equipped corporate Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms.

Servcorp Adelaide Location & Contact

The Servcorp Adelaide offices are located at level 24 and 30 of 91 King William Street, Adelaide. The building is known by the name of ‘Westpac House’ and is the tallest in South Australia. In fact, it needs no introduction. This 30 storey tower is hard to miss in the city skyline and is rightly known as the most prominent corporate address. There are many cafes inside the building and many more around it. The location also boasts close access to Victoria Square, and many Retail Stores, Hospitals, Banks, Gyms, Pharmacies etc. Coming to transport, the Airport is 10 minutes away and Train Station at 5 minutes. The Trams are accessible right outside the building.

To book a visit to the Westpac House Servcorp office spaces call at (08) 7070 2437 or send them an email at [email protected].


Membership Plans with pricing

Servcorp memberships come with complimentary access to private workspaces across all Servcorp coworking locations around the globe, for up to three hours per day. They charge monthly rents, memberships are customisable and you won’t be binded into any lock-in contracts. The minimum membership term is one month, with only a single month’s rent to be deposited as security. The lease agreements are flexible, meaning you may ask for a bigger or smaller space as and when the need arises.

Servcorp Adelaide offers the following packages:

The Membership

At just AUD $50 per month get immediate access to Servcorp Adelaide Board Rooms and Meeting Rooms and Offices (during working hours) at member prices. You can bring in your laptops, seat yourself in the comfortable lounge areas and enjoy working with the unlimited high-speed wifi. The best perk of this membership is ready access to almost 40,000 Servcorp clients around the world to market your products and services. Apart from connecting with a large community, it includes business listing besides access to member forums, corporate events etc. And of course a bilingual office secretary. You will also get 2 vouchers per month worth $25 each, through which they can use the temporary desk for one day.

Hot Desk

A Hot desk can be availed at the price of AUD $350 per month. With this membership, you are provided access to a fully furnished shared space, where you can occupy any desk on a first come first serve basis. Just get your equipment, grab a desk for the day and start off. Enjoy the great environment and collaborative community. Every workday here seats a new connection on the desk(s) next to yours.

Additional features of Hot Desking at Servcorp Adelaide – Westpac building are:

  • You get 2 free vouchers (worth $25 each) per month accompanied by this membership. These vouchers can be used to avail 130 free printouts or Secretarial staff support or one day of temporary desk space, per voucher.
  • You can also get an official landline number, dedicated receptionist and interactive voicemail services at an additional monthly payment of $100.
  • Use the Westpac House address as your own business address by paying $100 extra, per month.

Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk can be secured at the payment of AUD $550 per month. These are fixed desks with personal lockers, within in an open shared coworking space. So every day you come, you sit in your fixed seat and carry on your work, hassle-free. Giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on your work with no headache of office maintenance efforts and expenses.

Plus, you also get,

  • 5 free vouchers, worth $25 each, per month. You can use a voucher to access hot desk space for two and a half days or for 330 free printouts or to get secretarial support for 2 hours.
  • An office landline number, personalised call handling and voice mail services at an additional $100.
  • Usage of Servcorp office address as yours at just $100.

Private Office

If you are a small team or startup in need of a corporate themed fully furnished private office, this is for you. Servcorp Adelaide’s private offices are lockable cabins, fitted with quality materials. They are ready to move in and suitable for up to 10 member teams. You can also access the lounge areas to meet and greet clients or to simply make connections.

This membership also comes attached with,

  • 12 free vouchers (worth $25 each) every month. These are usable for one of the four – hot desk for six days or three day private office space at another location or secretarial support for four and half days or 800 free printouts.
  • Free usage of Westpac House address as your own official address.
  • Access to the Communications Package, as explained next, at just $100 extra payment.

Please contact Servcorp Adelaide with your requirements to get pricing information for a private office space for your business.

Virtual Office

Now at 259 AUD per month, the work at home professionals and businesses functioning from non-corporate locations to get their work an impressive address in Adelaide, without actually relocating. Servcorp offers one of the best virtual office services. Members can use the Westpac House address on their business website, emails, marketing materials etc. But it’s not just about the address usage, as,

  • You get a telephone number which will be answered by a dedicated receptionist in the name of your company, or as instructed by you.
  • You also get access to all global coworking spaces of Servcorp for upto 3 hours per day for free.
  • Access to an interactive voice mail service.
  • Plus, a free usage of Private Office space outside your home location for 3 days.
  • The membership agreement is on monthly basis and a credit card payment will save you from depositing a security fee.
  • And, you know what – The first month is absolutely free! You may or may not continue after the first month. No questions asked.
  • Servcorp Adelaide’s serviced office members are free to use Virtual Packages for any remote locations for expansion trials, for upto two months. Though standard usage charges may apply.

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Other Prices at Servcorp Coworking Adelaide

Servcorp doesn’t forget anyone. For those who don’t seek or need a regular membership at Servcorp, are also welcomed to use the fully furnished Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms and Private Office spaces. Here’s how.

Meeting Rooms: If you need a location for a business meeting in the Adelaide city, book one at Westpac House, at just $90 AUD per hour rate. The rooms are flexible to set up as per your need and suitable for teams between 5 to 8.

Boardroom: Available for $144 AUD per hour. Fully equipped boardrooms with staff available for administration, catering, IT, etc. You can also serve your guests with complimentary refreshments.

Private Offices: Book your team a private office at just $69 AUD per hour. Ideal for up to three people, it could also serve as a private meeting room. These can be booked for just 10 minutes to up to a whole day.

Read enough about Servcorp Adelaide? Please allow me to conclude. The concept of coworking has been around the corner for long, and it is about time that the perspective of coworking spaces changes from just the office floor and furniture. If you too are looking for a coworking place that fits the description of a privately rented office in a corporate hub location, but at lower costs and no headache, go to Servcorp Adelaide. The location,  accommodations and facilities, secretarial and support staff and the packages are difficult to match by other coworking spaces, especially in Australia.

Servcorp Adelaide, like all other Servcorp coworking spaces in the world, is placed in one of the best corporate addresses in the city. The spacious lobby and stylish fittings add a different class to the place. Entrepreneur, startups, small firms to even large corporates, businesses of all sizes can meet their requirements at Servcorp offices. The multitude of services available at Servcorp thus brings in plenty of experts, ideas and collaborations into existence. Visit the Westpac House as soon as you can and be a part of the world-class culture and community at Servcorp Adelaide.

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