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In the arena of coworking, Regus is a renowned global player. The fact that Regus Adelaide is home to many noteworthy corporates, is no surprise. Regus has thousands of offices around the globe, out of which 77 are in Australia, with three of them in the city of Adelaide. Thus, Regus office premises are the best bet for building world-class connections. In fact, startups and small businesses can now easily expand beyond the Australian borders. Besides the access to the large professional community, coworking at Regus Adelaide could be the making factor for your brand.

The spaces of Regus Adelaide are mindfully placed at premium corporate addresses. Making each space full of opportunities, inside out. Their plans are flexible enough to accommodate businesses of all sizes. The best part is it offers free relocation around the globe. The chain of Regus office spaces is constantly expanding around the globe. And so will your business, when connected with Regus at Adelaide.

Regus Adelaide Locations

In Adelaide, Regus shared office spaces are located at – Victoria Park, City Central and Grenfell Street. All three locations are situated within a couple miles from each other. Placed in Adelaide’s much in demand CBD area, expect an air of opportunities in and around the premises. And, in case of any help, professional and friendly support staff is always at your anvil. Now, let’s go through each Regus centre in Adelaide, one by one.

Regus Victoria Park, Adelaide


One of the Regus Adelaide business centres is located at level 3 of 169 Fullarton Street. It is directly opposite the Victoria Park. The area is surrounded by beautiful hills and open parks, scattered with trees. The building lets in plenty of natural light, through wall-sized windows. If using a personal conveyance or cab, the Adelaide City Centre is just 10 minutes away, and so is the Central Railway Station. You will also find plenty of fine dining restaurants in the vicinity. On-Site parking is also available for clients.

Address: Level 3, 169 Fullarton Street, Dulwich, Adelaide, SA 5065

Regus at City Central, Adelaide

The City Central, Regus Adelaide building is located on 121 King William Street. The building is surrounded by many Banks, Insurance and Law companies, apart from Media and Defence firms. Thus, the CBD locale gets a constant influx of people and business opportunities. The building is green rated. It has huge windows and even an outdoor seating area, so you’ll never miss the Australian sunshine. In case you need some time off work, enjoy a peaceful walk along the river Torrens or shop in the Adelaide Central Market. Or, just relish a hot cappuccino at the onsite cafe.

Mailing Address: Level 5, City Central, Tower 2, 121 King William Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

25 Grenfell Street, Regus Adelaide

On 25 Grenfell Street, the Regus Adelaide offices are located at level 21. With numerous high-end corporates and government firms operating in the locality, it’s definitely a prime location for any business. The tower gets in plenty of sunlight, through large windows and open terrace. It has good access to buses and trams, while the Railway Station is 5 minutes away. Parking and bike storage facility is also available. For a dose of entertainment, the Rundle Mall is a great option. Or enjoy snacks n coffee on the onsite cafe.

Mailing Address: Level 21, 25 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

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Membership Plans

Regus Adelaide offers simple and flexible membership options, where you are charged for only what you use. Through a single membership, you can access any/ all Regus offices around the world. There are three membership options to access their facilities:

  • Part Time: Suitable for those who need to access the facilities for 5 or 10 days per month.
  • Full Time: Gets you 24/7 access to space, from single to multiple members, on a monthly to yearly term.
  • Pay As You Go: It’s for you if you simply need to access their Lounges and Meeting Spaces on an on-and-off basis. Just download the Regus mobile app, book and pay for the spaces, on the go.

Please note that the Regus Adelaide has not shared the prices of their membership plans. To know their prices, contact them through their website with your requirements. They will present you with best-fit packages.

Here’s what you will get at Regus.

Hot Desks – Hot desks are available on first come first serve basis, in a shared coworking area. These are most suitable for entrepreneurs and startups. So every day here, you get the freedom to choose a new desk in the space and also a new coworker(s) to expand your network. Also, different hot desks may come at different prices, as per their location in the coworking area. When you rent workspace(s) in the coworking area, for one or more members, it’s more like a Shared Office experience. Besides, you enjoy all the private office facilities, minus the high cost.

Permanent Desks – If you think that finding a new desk every next day is a tedious task, go for a permanent seat in the shared coworking area. You will get to choose a seat in the space at the time of membership agreement and then that seat will be reserved, only for you, for your entire membership term. Here too, the price of desks might differ according to their location in the space. A desk beside a window may cost higher than a desk in the interior. If you are a startup, book permanent desks for your team and get constant opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Office Spaces – The Regus Adelaide offers office spaces that are tailor-made to meet user needs. These are fully furnished with modern designs. Not to mention, access to staff support, reception, direct telephone line and breakout area, all at one price. These are very easy to scale in accordance with your future needs. You may get yourself a window office, interior office or an entire suite, for basically any number of desks. Just shoot them an email with your requirements, they have it all covered. Not just smaller teams, even large corporates have been using office spaces during renovations or similar occasions.

Apart from the above mentioned serviced offices, you may also rent these spaces as:

  • Day offices: You may rent an office space even for a single (or more) day(s). This way you can have an office at any of the Regus locations around the world, on pay as you need basis.
  • Project offices: Need space to carry out a client project in or out of your home location? Get a full time flexible and customizable space. Or use it for seasonal projects, for as much time as you need. You may cancel the membership anytime, at just a month’s notice.
  • Satellite Offices: Business expansion on your mind? Regus allows renting fully customisable office spaces in satellite locations. With Furniture, Admin Support, Mail and Call Handling Services. And without any maintenance or setup expenses.

Meeting Rooms


Fully furnished meeting rooms, equipped with flipcharts, whiteboards, audio-video equipment and tech support, are available for hire on an hourly basis at Regus Adelaide. These rooms are also customizable to suit your needs. Such is its customizability that they can be easily turned into Training Rooms, Interview Rooms, Boardroom or basically whatever you professional need is. They also have catering services, available on request. All you need to do is – specify the layout of the space. And voila! It will be all done by the time you reach the destination. Please visit their website for price enquiries.

Business Lounge

The Regus has a global network of Business Lounges which you may access on the go. These lounges are designed for drop-in usage, across city centres, airports, train stations or even at service station and business parks. All are equipped with unlimited wifi and many other facilities. You can access these through:

  • Membership: Choose a membership plan at Regus Adelaide or any other Regus location, that includes access to Business Lounges.
  • One Day Pass: You may also buy on day pass on as needed basis to work in the Regus Lounge areas.

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Amenities & Perks 


Regus Adelaide has retained the class of the Regus’s global spread. Even the most general of office amenities are of the highest quality. Have a quick glance.

  • Access to fully secured high-speed internet and wifi services.
  • A Receptionist to meet and greet your clients.
  • All three premises have Showers for members to get fresh at work, or when returning from a business trip.
  • All coworking and office spaces members can opt for personal phone handsets and lines.
  • Availability of general office equipment, like Printers, Scanners etc.
  • In house kitchen access with tea and coffee services.
  • Efficient Call Handling Services, so that none of your incoming calls goes unanswered.
  • Meeting rooms are equipped with Video conferencing facilities for all important business collabs and meetups.
  • They offer efficient Mail Handling services for all members.
  • Extremely friendly and helpful support staff at your service. Besides maintenance and cleaning services.
  • Plenty of events and activities that help you get more contacts and create opportunities for your business.
  • All locations of Regus Adelaide are disabled friendly.
  • A Regus Mobile application is also available for both ios and android users. You can easily manage your membership and avail Regus services around the globe. The app also gets you access to the global work community.


Freelancing or building your business from the confines of your home must be lonely and unenthusiastic. Plus, it is hard to build a professional image from the residential address. You can easily free yourself from the monotonous work routines by entering the happening spaces of Regus. Join Regus Adelaide and be a part of the community that’s happy to help. And don’t worry that you are just a small business or entrepreneur. The large size of Regus or its clients won’t choke your business. Regus treats all clients alike, so rest assured of around the clock quality support. At Regus, you will be corporate in the making.

Regus could be called as another name of ‘growth’. It is simply because it offers all the tools you need to move forward while cutting on expenses and enhancing efficiency. Regus Adelaide has smartly secured offices across the most prominent business hubs in the city. These are brimming with immense growth options. After all, every member gets access to the global work culture and connections. I am sure you would love to be a part of this vigorous work community. Isn’t it? You must plan a visit to the nearest Regus business centre.

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