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Mache Adelaide is a beautiful coworking space located in the city of Adelaide wherein people can discover their potential while working in a homely environment. At this place, new ideas promoting entrepreneurship and growth of business are valued in order to foster development. To blend in with the ever-evolving work culture, Mache presents an opportunity to its members to develop relations and help each other succeed. A place to work, learn and thrive, Mache is an ideal space to test and build one’s abilities.

It is a platform which offers many services to help people explore their creative sides. Based on the requirements of a person, Mache provides you with rental desks and private offices whose size may vary according to the size of your team. You can avail various benefits like free wi-fi, locker facilities, printing services, all at one place! Beautiful interior live plants make this workspace warmer and inviting. This is the perfect place to relax and work at the same time. Read further to know more about Mache coworking space.

Mache Adelaide Location

Adelaide Mache Coworking

Mache Adelaide is located at 451 Pulteney St, Adelaide, 5000. The building is exposed to plenty of natural light. It also offers a great view of the robust streets of Adelaide.

To know more about the place you can also email them at [email protected] or you can visit their website

Amenities at Mache Coworking

Basic Amenities: Mache provides you with some of the commonplace amenities like access to High-speed internet, Air conditioning and bike parking.

Additional facilities: The other additional services offered by Mache coworking space include a well-equipped kitchen to chase away the hunger pangs. Other than that, access to the phone booth where you can make important calls. There are lockers as well for you to store your valuables. A piece of good news for the podcasting enthusiasts, there are recoding facilities available for you guys!

Technical equipment: The types of equipment available in this place are commercial printers and photocopier, sound & video recording equipment with editing software.

Relaxing activities: To refresh your mind after a long hour dedicated to working, Mache Adelaide has charted out some really cool activities for you including in-house yoga and meditation classes, house parties and events.





Coworking at Mache Adelaide

Flexible desks: Need a space to work only a few days a week? Mache Adelaide has a solution. This desk option is ideal for a person who requires space for 2-3 days a week during the working hours ( 9-5pm). The desk space is comfortable and has added benefits like free internet, open plan workspace and much more. The user can also use the well-equipped kitchen to prepare snacks for himself and also gets free bike parking.

Dedicated desks: In this option, the user will be given 24/7 access to his desk. This option should be considered by those who prefer to work in an office environment. With this desk comes some added services, for instance; the members can use the meeting rooms to conduct board room meetings. He will have access to the phone booth where all his important calls will be taken care of. To elevate the tension that arises with the workload, Mache Adelaide gives you a discount to in-house yoga and meditation classes. The other services at the user’s disposal include bike parking and kitchen facilities.

Private desks: You can get 24 hr access to a dedicated desk in a more quiet setting. This space provides more privacy so that you are able to concentrate on your tasks at hand and perform better. The workspace at Adelaide’s Mache is well-lit with height adjustable tables and comfortable gas lifted chairs. The place has been decorated with bright artworks to inspire and encourage your creative side. The available space is of about 4 sqm. The added perks of this place include free bike parking, access to the phone booth, kitchen facilities, access to meeting rooms and others.

Private offices: This workspace at Mache in Adelaide is ideal for a team comprising of 2-3 members. An open plan office of about 12 sqm is provided to the team which is well-lit and spacious with large bay windows offering good scenery. The team can work on their projects without any intrusion. The members availing this option will be able to use facilities like commercial printing services, access to phone booth & meeting room and bike parking. There is also a  50% off on the in-house wellness programs!

Meeting room: Mache Adelaide provides you with a spacious room of about 20 sqm with a quiet environment. This is an ideal space to discuss all the important strategies with your teammates and to explore your strengths and weaknesses. The room is fitted with a digital projector and a large projector screen with the aid of which you can give your presentations in a professional manner. The meeting room has a large meeting table at the centre which can accommodate around 8-10 people easily.

The membership cost of meeting rooms for one, two, three and four hours is  $20, $35, $55, $70 respectively.

Function room: This is a 100 sqm open space which can be adapted for different types of events like a business conference or an in-house party. The room has 20 sqm raised stage and a digital projector screen which can be used during the conference. The function room at Mache also has a modern sound system and a bar. In this room, at least a hundred people can be accommodated. It also has an attached toilet and kitchen which again is an added benefit. To know about the cost of gaining access to this room, please visit the website of Mache.

Media room: You can gain the first-hand experience on how to record and create a podcast by availing the membership to this room. Mache Adelaide has an in-house sound technician who can help you with the technicalities of this field. The latest software is available to record and stream your podcasts. To know the membership costs, please pay a visit to the website of Mache.

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Mache coworking provides its members with a dynamic environment to create and explore. Encouraging togetherness, it believes in forging new bonds and working together. If you are looking for a productive place to work, then Mache is your destination.

Mache Adelaide has a full package of facilities and services that traditional office spaces cannot provide and that is what makes it an ideal place to work. The communal spaces available at this place helps you to brainstorm new ideas. Try to bring out the creative guru in you by renting a place here!

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