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Intersect Adelaide is an exciting coworking space in the city’s much in demand CBD area. Built with the desire for people to not just work but to connect, Intersect Adelaide has all that it takes to establish and grow your brand. The facility, in fact, offers a lot more than just workspaces by the way of exclusive event invites and joint marketing services for its members. It’s an elegant corporate space that allows people to bring together different skills and experiences and shell out better collaborative results. Quite an opportunity, isn’t it?

The building where Intersect Adelaide is located has well-lit interiors, decked with live plants, stylish furniture and motivating wall decor. This makes it a popular coworking destination in the heart of the eastern city business community. Located at the Paris end of Flinders Street, the wide street bordered with trees pleases the eye. If growth is your agenda, Intersect coworking Adelaide is a beautiful chance to meet your potential team,  partners, or promoters and realize your goals.

Amenities at Intersect Adelaide

The coworking space Intersect at Adelaide offers state-of-the-art amenities, including the basics like high-speed wifi, general office equipment, meeting rooms and workspaces to an onsite Barista and IT support. Here’s a full list of amenities as offered by Intersect.

  • High-speed Data and Internet services (including wifi) for all guests and members.
  • Both Temporary and Allocated workstations and offices (from single to multiple occupants)
  • Fully IT equipped Conference and Meeting rooms
  • On-site Barista (8:30 – 11:30 am) with coffee to fuel up the work pace
  • Client meet and greet services for all members
  • Intersect Adelaide also has locker / Cupboard storage facilities available.
  • Branding and signage facilities for a customised professional space
  • Joint marketing services (which include having a profile page on the Intersect website)
  • Invitations to all exclusive events at Intersect for greater networking opportunities
  • Access to general stationery and office equipment (printers, scanners etc) for daily office tasks
  • A lounge area and Play / Gym Space for between work breaks or to simply chill out and refresh
  • You can also access the general repair and maintenance services at the Intersect facility.
  • A Securely monitored working environment with biometric (fingerprint scan) access.
  • Provides an Insurance service entailing public liability and general contents.
  • Sufficient parking space for two and four wheelers.

Inside Intersect Coworking Adelaide




Intersect Adelaide Membership Plans

The Intersect membership, on the whole, provides great exposure and opportunity for businesses to know and grow, far more than working from home. It offers flexible options for single or multiple occupants, with temporary or permanent workstations and office spaces, covering the needs of businesses of multiple sizes.

So read below and choose what suits you best. (All stated prices are exclusive of GST)

Corporate Membership

This membership is suitable for startups and small businesses that can’t yet afford to rent or buy a private office building. The Corporate Membership gives you a dedicated Office or Workstation along with all the basic features of the Intersect coworking space below-listed prices:

  • The Workstation price for a single occupant is $1250, which provides you with a permanent seat at the facility for a month. Your seat will be fixed for you to work and your clients will know where to find you, whenever they visit. You will also get rid of the hassle of carrying your equipment to work each day, as you can safely leave them behind.
  • You can also get permanent office space for yourself and/or your team at the premises at prices based on the occupancy count.

Corporate membership for one occupant at Intersect Adelaide is $2000 while for two occupants, it is $2500. (These prices are monthly and exclude GST)

Touchdown Membership

The Touchdown Membership is priced at $600 for two days per week. You can choose a new/ different desk at the property on the days you choose to work in the coworking area. For three or more days per week, the price will be made available on application, for which you may visit their website.

Club Membership

The Club Membership, as the name suggests, allows you to use all the Intersect Adelaide amenities, except the workstations, all at an annual fee of $3000 (excluding GST). At this membership, you will be free to meet your clients in their meetings spaces, while sipping on hot coffee and even enjoy regular event invites and joint advertising.

Virtual Membership

If you still don’t have a registered address, it’s time to get rid of your PO Box, home or overseas address and add an impressive corporate address to your business. At $50.00 (plus monthly GST), the Virtual Membership allows you to list the Intersect premises as your corporate address without renting a seat or even being physically present at the property. You will also get access to their mail services and all Intersect events in Adelaide at no extra cost.

Another good option in Adelaide = Servcorp Adelaide

Location and Contact

Based at the ground level on 167 Flinders St, SA 5000, the Intersect Adelaide facility is just east of Pulteney Street with the Ifould Street having rear access. It is also at an easy walking distance from CBD. The location grants you easy access to Hotels, Restaurants and eating joints as well as Movie Theatres. Plus Bank/ATM, Bus Stop and Railway Station are also nearby.

Feel free to call Intersect Adelaide at 08 7099 3576, or email them at [email protected] for any queries or to visit their facilities.


Starting up a venture or running an existing business is no child’s play. Having an independent office brings along huge bills while working from home is fraught with distractions. But the people at Intersect Adelaide let you focus more on your business while they manage the redundant stuff like printing and tech glitches, keeping you at bay from millions of distractions. Not only can you save on sharable resources but get the luxury to direct your energies towards growth, from a corporate address.

The way the members work at Intersect Adelaide, individually or in collaborations, has made this place a hub of energy, passionate people and progressive ideas. Here even if you are working individually, you will surely feel like being a part of a bigger corporate team. This elegantly designed space with super cool people will keep you motivated and you will have plenty of alternatives at your disposal on any mayday (if it ever arrives). So when are you visiting Intersect?

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