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Achieving success with splurging capital investment is overrated if that would be the truth no one could have gone from rags to riches. Heralding this thought Adelaide Business Hub works to build partnerships, connections, and breed innovation through their work mechanism. Recognizing the needs of a startup and young business they work to provide all the necessary support and assistance to the organizations. Due to their prowess in grooming the organization and bringing them out of quandary, they have been awarded several accolades and awards.

Adelaide Business Incubator

You must remember how in your childhood when you were scared, parents would take you to their room and that was a safe place for you. A business incubator is just like your parent’s room, where you can go to develop your startup safely from the reckless competitive environment surrounding the economy. It is not that you will not face competition and difficulties with an incubator, it is there, but to support your startup there are coaches, expert advisers, and intellectuals.

On similar lines, Adelaide Business Hub is an incubator which provides shared office spaces, and has in house coaches, mentors and experts. At ABH you will find yourself surrounded by an invigorating environment and where you can have one to one discussions with the experts and also leverage from their international exposure and connections.  

What Adelaide Business Hub Does

Added to providing workspaces Adelaide Business Hub works to enhance your business capability and build a formidable base. As the business incubators only cater to developing a startup in its early stages, they are imperative to the foundation of any business. At present, ABH is a not for profit organization but earlier it was working as a State’s inaugural business Advisory.  

In this capacity, ABH works to foster innovation and help small businesses build their strategies, and gain exposure to industry metrics. All through the USA, Europe, and Asia, they have build up connections and strong ties with the business incubators.

In terms of building connections with the government, through ABH you can receive government-run grants on priority.

Contact and Location

Adelaide Business Hub

Just a little away from the Adelaide River and Port Adelaide you will find Adelaide Business Hub blooming like a flower. They are located at 6 Todd Street, Port Adelaide, South Australia.

Phone: (08) 8440 2440

Email: [email protected]


The Nuts and Bolts @ Adelaide Business Hub

This program is where you will shared-workspaces for hire and will be able to use the space in a coworking model. There are a plethora of coworking spaces in Adelaide and some if not all of them provide efficient services and amenities to the members. Adelaide Business Hub’s major focus is on providing the incubation services rather than the coworking memberships.

Under the coworking model, they lease out casual workspaces, office suites and isolated quiet spaces within the premises. The spaces are available for rent of a full day or half day basis.

*The Coworking space prices and membership plans are not shared by ABH on their website.

Meeting Rooms


For meeting and event rooms, you can rely upon Adelaide Business Hub. The staff is friendly and will always listen with the third ear and understand your needs and requirements. The meeting and boardrooms are loaded with the state of the art infrastructure and amenities. Added to this, there are event spaces available for rent.

All this means that ABH has everything that can help you develop a business all in one place. If you want to meet a client, call them there, for your product launch the event space will be beneficial. When it is time to have a friendly discussion the boardroom is more than enough to serve the purpose.

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Digital Solutions

Digital transformation has become the order of the day, any business which is bereft of the basic understanding of the digitalization is already one step behind than others. In this scenario, Adelaide Business Hub runs a digital solutions workshop and program to help you develop and enhance your digital skills. Officially this program funded by the commonwealth and aims to provide authentic and efficient digital solutions to small business blooming in South Australia. It is norm under this program that ABH supports 75% of the businesses from rural South Australia and the rest 25% from the metropolitan area. To join the Digital Solutions program you need to pay $55 one time fee till the year 2021 and leverage from workshops, mentoring and online resources.

Under the digital solutions program there is:

3-Hour Workshops: These workshops aim to build the necessary skills and knowledge base through three-hour sessions. The topics cover the whole spectrum of digital solutions required by the young businesses. The lessons shared are based on a practical approach and exhibit a learn-by-doing process.

Face to Face Consulting: you can also reap several benefits from a face to face one-hour consultation. The discussion can range from any issue or topic that has been gnawing at your business progress.

Digital Action Plan Resources: Under this plan, there are 26 topics. All these topics will culminate in making you into a digitalization master and develop a flawless action plan for your business.

Business Solutions

Under the business solution campaign, Adelaide Business Hub runs a few additional programs. These programs aim to assist a developing business to clear all the obstacles inhibiting the business growth. Moreover, for the first times, this program runs informative and preparatory sessions at the cost of $60 per session.

Added to this they have ties with the ANZ Business Growth Program, the Centre for Defence Industry Capability and SA Export Accelerator Program.


Hence, we can conclude that Adelaide Business Hub provides all the necessary support services to entrepreneurs and businesses. You must have noticed the bails lightning up when the ball hits the stumps in a cricket match. This technology was invented by a resident of ABH Bronte Eckerman and Zings merging three aspects that is technology, cricket, and exports. So who knows, what you may develop when working under the industry experts and proponents of success.

Ajay Deep

Ajay Deep is the brain behind Coworking Mag. He founded this website to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs find a coworking space in their city. He is a successful entrepreneur who started and scaled a bunch of startups – all from shared office spaces. He has visited hundreds of coworking spaces in different countries and is now an investor in this evergrowing idea of developing new coworking spaces. You may reach Ajay Deep at [email protected]
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